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Short Shorts

September 30, 2012 | By Booth Moore, Fashion Critic
PARIS -- Isabel Marant, master of Paris-meets-L.A. boho chic, showed her spring-summer 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week on Friday. PHOTOS: Paris Fashion Week trends The look: Hawaiian with a dash of rodeo queen (or Las Vegas-era Elvis, perhaps). Tiered lace mini dresses and peasant blouses. Flippy mini-skirts and studded vests in washed red-and-blue bandanna paisleys. Jeans, short shorts, sarong skirts and one-piece bathing suits in floral lei or hibiscus prints.
September 30, 1990 | MARY ROURKE
It's difficult to imagine any woman dressed in shorts, or a short unitard, on a winter day in New York or Paris. But the idea makes such good sense here, it's as if designers worldwide had Southern California in mind. In Paris, Emanuel Ungaro and Jean Paul Gaultier offer distinctly different versions of winter-weight shorts.
Thierry Mugler has a motto: "Too much is just enough." And he pushes it to the limit in his spring 1991 fashion collection. His show was the first to get people talking during a week of ready-to-wear collections that ends Wednesday. With Madonna and Grace Jones in the audiences Thursday night, and with Diana Ross and Mick Jaggar's daughter, Jade, modeling, Mugler's newest styles had some tough competition. But they were up to the challenge.
April 5, 2002 | Jeannine Stein
Dear Fashion Police: This is the third or fourth spring season that I've noticed predominantly short shorts in the stores. Am I the only gal who can't let it all hang out? I actually have pretty slim legs, but they ain't what they used to be, and I am desperate to cover them from the knee up. Do the designers really want to see our cellulite and varicose veins? Also, car seats get hot in the summer, and it's nice to have some protection for the back of the leg. Can you please ask the designers what they're thinking?
November 26, 1997 | MIKE DOWNEY
It is my opinion, all side issues being swept aside, that a man's lower limbs, in order to preserve harmony of proportion, should be at least long enough to reach from his body to the ground. --Abe Lincoln, 16th president We can't have players wearing shorts that hang down to the middle of their calf. --Rod Thorn, NBA vice president What is the most pressing problem in professional basketball (men's) today? Apparently, apparel. Drugs? Gambling? Throwing fans through windows?
August 10, 2005 | Tanika White, Baltimore Sun
Ladies, please step away from the seamstress shears! Put those scissors down! Fashion observers want you all to know: Just because Jessica Simpson looks amazing in her Daisy Duke short shorts in the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie, which opened last Friday, that doesn't mean you should run right out and buy a pair or hack up your favorite hip-huggers trying to make some. Let's face facts. Simpson, 25, looks delectable in just about anything. Some of the rest of us? Eh. Not so much.
April 18, 2012 | By Mike Bresnahan
  OAKLAND -- Andrew Bynum had 31 points on precise 12-for-14 shooting as the Lakers beat the undermanned Golden State Warriors, 99-87, Wednesday at Oracle Arena. Pau Gasol had his fifth career triple-double, amassing 22 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists as the Lakers beat the Warriors for the 25th time in their last 28 meetings. Metta World Peace had 18 points and nine assists in what was likely the Lakers' last game without Kobe Bryant. PHOTOS: Lakers vs. Warriors Bryant sat out a seventh consecutive game with a sore left shin but underwent a thorough workout Wednesday, taking dozens of shots and successfully completing running and jumping exercises without pain.
The naked truth, the sheer fact, the transparent motive and other French fashion mysteries will be exposed this spring. Transparent clothes--from icy-colored organza shirts by Claude Montana to punched black leather tops by Christian Dior to perforated paper dresses by Comme des Garcons--were part of every Paris collection. Montana did it best with his see-through, man-tailored shirts, big enough to wear as coats over short body dresses or Capri-length pants.
August 27, 1993 | ROSE-MARIE TURK
It may be good for water-cooler camaraderie, but dressing down can be tricky. How casual is casual, anyway? How do you hang loose without cooking your goose? Judging from these company guidelines, forget about anything you wear to the beach or gym. Creative Design Consultants, Costa Mesa--No cutoff tops, short shorts, sweats, clunky running shoes, sandals, beachwear or anything too revealing. Hilton Hotels Corp.
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