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Short Shorts

June 27, 2000
Cara Fitzsimmons was sure she'd die of embarrassment. Other girls in her class were equally upset and vowed to voice their outrage in a petition. Cara, 12, and her friends had just endured a shorts inspection: They were lined up and told to place their hands at their sides, and teachers then checked to make sure each girl's shorts were no higher than her fingertips, per the school's new dress code.
December 8, 1991 | MARY ROURKE, Times Fashion Editor
Followers of international fashion may be wondering what designers were thinking when they recently unveiled ankle-length skirts for spring, 1992. The idea of all that cumbersome yardage doesn't seem to fit the image of the active, fashion-savvy modern woman. But take a closer look. A designer's job is to suggest new options, and the long silhouette represents the freshest, most unexpected alternative for the season.
December 5, 1998
Do the Bruins realize how ridiculous their basketball team looked in those black road uniforms? Why don't they just add a skull and crossbones logo and change their name to the Raiders? NICK ROSE, Newport Beach As a Bruin supporter for more than 50 years, I can put up with the horrible new colors of the basketball uniforms, but why didn't Coach Lavin make an attempt to get rid of the floppy shorts that go down to the ankles? Coach Wooden did all right with the short shorts.
September 10, 1998 | Jeannine Stein
Dear Fashion Police: My dear husband has great legs! I have searched high and low to find good short shorts in corduroy or denim--classy ones--in white, gray or light blue. I'd like them with a 3-inch (or less) inseam. It seems that most all shorts are walking shorts, with a 6- to 9-inch inseam. Women can find short shorts easily. It's not fair! --SHORT SHORTLESS IN SEATTLE Dear Shorty: We are happy that you're so fond of your husband's legs you want to see them in short shorts.
April 18, 2012 | By Mike Bresnahan
OAKLAND -- The Lakers hold a 56-48 halftime lead Wednesday over the Golden State Warriors, pelting them with a steady barrage of Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol at Oracle Arena. Bynum had 23 points on nine-for-11 shooting in the first half of what could be the Lakers' last game without the injured Kobe Bryant. Bryant worked out before the game and appears ready to return Friday against San Antonio. He has missed seven games because of a sore left shin. Gasol had 12 points, six rebounds and five assists in the first half as the Lakers (39-23)
April 18, 2012 | By Mike Bresnahan and Mark Medina
OAKLAND -- Kobe Bryant missed a seventh consecutive game because of a sore left shin but moved closer to returning after completing running and jumping exercises without feeling pain. If Bryant does not feel discomfort Thursday, he could return Friday against San Antonio. "There's a chance," Lakers Coach Mike Brown said. "I'll probably be on the floor next game," Bryant added to ESPN's Ric Bucher. Several hours before Wednesday's game against Golden State, Bryant took dozens of shots and underwent a workout that included some full-speed running.
Thierry Mugler has a motto: "Too much is just enough." And he pushes it to the limit in his spring 1991 fashion collection. His show was the first to get people talking during a week of ready-to-wear collections that ends Wednesday. With Madonna and Grace Jones in the audiences Thursday night, and with Diana Ross and Mick Jaggar's daughter, Jade, modeling, Mugler's newest styles had some tough competition. But they were up to the challenge.
April 5, 2002 | Jeannine Stein
Dear Fashion Police: This is the third or fourth spring season that I've noticed predominantly short shorts in the stores. Am I the only gal who can't let it all hang out? I actually have pretty slim legs, but they ain't what they used to be, and I am desperate to cover them from the knee up. Do the designers really want to see our cellulite and varicose veins? Also, car seats get hot in the summer, and it's nice to have some protection for the back of the leg. Can you please ask the designers what they're thinking?
April 10, 2011 | By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic
Get ready to grow accustomed to this face. Eliza Doolittle, who will perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 15, is on the crest of a new wave of Brit pop princess to hit stateside. And there's something about her quirky style that just makes you smile. With sunny, upbeat hits like "Skinnygenes," "Rollerblades" and "Pack Up,' comparisons to Lily Allen are inevitable. (Both attended Bedales School in Hampshire, England.) But Doolittle—born Eliza Caird (Doolittle was a school nickname that stuck)
August 10, 2005 | Tanika White, Baltimore Sun
Ladies, please step away from the seamstress shears! Put those scissors down! Fashion observers want you all to know: Just because Jessica Simpson looks amazing in her Daisy Duke short shorts in the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie, which opened last Friday, that doesn't mean you should run right out and buy a pair or hack up your favorite hip-huggers trying to make some. Let's face facts. Simpson, 25, looks delectable in just about anything. Some of the rest of us? Eh. Not so much.
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