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Shotover Jet

August 16, 1998 | LUCY IZON, Izon is a Toronto-based freelance writer. She can be reached at
The Cook Islands offer an ideal setting for an exotic South Pacific experience--swaying palms, turquoise lagoons, lush vegetation and friendly, easygoing residents. This 15-island nation is an alluring stopover for North Americans traveling in the South Pacific. The problem for budget travelers is that low-cost accommodations are limited. It's wise to have a reservation even if you are planning on staying in hostel-style lodgings.
November 8, 1998 | JOHN HENDERSON, Henderson is a sportswriter for the Denver Post
You don't really wake up in Queenstown. You leap up, tingling from a combination of excitement, fear, adrenaline and a little more fear. When you get up in this town, a beautiful, mountain- and lake-lined city on New Zealand's South Island, chances are you're about to do something you've never done before or ever thought you'd do. There's even a chance you'll do something you never knew existed.
October 12, 2003 | Amanda Jones, Amanda Jones is a freelance writer based in the Bay Area. She last wrote for the magazine on sailing Turkey's Turquoise Coast.
There was, I'll admit, a certain amount of anxiety that surfaced when I turned 40. To combat this, I returned to New Zealand, my homeland, summoned two childhood friends and headed for the backcountry. The point was to prove that I hadn't lost the gumption required to be a Kiwi girl and that the onerous march of time hadn't rendered me a hopeless urban sissy. For real wilderness, we knew we had to go to the sparsely populated lands of the South Island, where the people are frighteningly hardy.
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