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January 22, 2004 | Chris Erskine
You CAN LEARN A LOT from a baby. When life gets boring, ours tumbles backward like a bowling pin and joyously kicks his legs in the air while yodeling. Try it sometime. Especially if you're at work. They'll think you're fearless and gifted and probably give you your own division to run. You can learn a lot from a baby. Ours knows three words, with which he can accomplish pretty much anything. One word is a noun. One is a sort of gerund. One is either an adverb or a hiccup, I can't tell.
December 1, 2004 | From Associated Press
The Bush administration on Tuesday upheld the imposition of penalty tariffs on shrimp imports from China and Vietnam, handing a victory to beleaguered U.S. shrimp producers. The action affirmed with slight modifications a preliminary ruling by the Commerce Department's International Trade Administration last summer. The penalty tariffs have been collected by border agents since July.
July 7, 2004 | From Associated Press
The Bush administration Tuesday imposed tariffs on shrimp imports from China and Vietnam, finding that companies there were dumping frozen and canned warm-water shrimp products into the United States at artificially low prices. U.S. seafood distributors and retailers said Americans would face higher shrimp prices at restaurants and in grocery stores if the duties, which take effect this month, were kept.
A rare shrimp that dwells in fast-vanishing freshwater pools of coastal Southern California is being added to the list of the nation's most endangered plants and animals. The San Diego fairy shrimp is known to live in only two pools in Orange County--one in a Costa Mesa park, the other in South County. It is also found in several areas of San Diego County.
June 15, 2008 | Ashley Powers, Times Staff Writer
There are signs throughout the neon city that the Vegas economy has lost some of its shimmer. Casinos have laid off hundreds of workers. Hotels are slashing room rates. Foreclosure signs mar suburban streets. And now, the 99-cent shrimp cocktail has broken the dollar mark. The price of the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino's signature dish recently rose to $1.99, the victim of the escalating price of bay shrimp. The increase was the first in 17 years, and was viewed locally as an ominous indicator.
Prompted by a legal settlement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed designating 36,501 acres in Southern California--including parkland in Orange County--as "critical habitat" for the endangered San Diego fairy shrimp. Activists and officials agree that the tiny crustacean, once common in the Southland, has been driven to the brink of extinction by development.
March 28, 2014 | By Vincent Bevins
Natal, a breezy beach city with vast blue skies and bright sun 1,220 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro, has much of the small-town feel common in the surrounding rural regions. Where you'll see soccer: The U.S. takes on Ghana on June 16 at the newly constructed Arena das Dunas in Natal, a towering homage to sea, sun and sand. FIFA is putting up a giant screen at Praia do Forte north of the tourist areas and stadium. In a calm city light on night life and heavy on fresh air, this is probably the best place to take in the action for those without tickets.
September 24, 1994
Is it any wonder that "Forrest Gump's" Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. was such a moneymaker? They were harvesting cooked shrimp! Ahh, Hollywood! DONALD M. DAVIS Yucca Valley
January 1, 2004 | From Reuters
Shrimpers in the southern United States asked the Bush administration to slap duties on shrimp shipments from China, Vietnam, Ecuador, Brazil, India and Thailand to stem cheap imports of the shellfish. The Southern Shrimp Alliance sent petitions to the Commerce Department and the International Trade Commission asking that conditions of fair trade be restored by imposing anti-dumping duties on the shrimp imports from the six countries.
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