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July 30, 2009 | TIMES WIRE REPORTS
Mexico will see its economy contract as much as 7.5% this year as exports fall and migrants abroad send less money home, the country's central bank said. The Bank of Mexico said in a report that gross domestic product was expected to shrink 6.5% to 7.5% in 2009 -- a more pessimistic outlook than its previous projection of a 4.8% decline. It is also worse than government expectations of a 5.5% contraction.
April 16, 2014 | Helene Elliott
The crowd roared around him and the Dallas Stars pushed and shoved in front of him, but goaltender Frederik Andersen was the most composed person at Honda Center on Wednesday. That's exactly what the Ducks were hoping for when they chose the redheaded rookie to start their playoff opener. The more softly he speaks, the more controlled his movements are when he's in goal, the better the chance he will excel and they will benefit. They knew he was quiet by nature. After his 32-save performance Wednesday in their 4-3 victory, they also know he's immune to the jitters playoff hockey can trigger.
November 29, 1997
I would like to set up a session with Nick Van Exel's shrink. It looks like it's working so far. DANNY MARTINEZ Rosemead
March 25, 2014 | By Dan Weikel
An aggressive plan to shut down all or part of embattled Santa Monica Airport after July 2015 is set to go before the Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday evening. If approved, the city would set in motion a so-called starvation strategy to dramatically scale back aircraft operations, cut the 5,000-foot runway almost in half and eliminate aviation-related services such as fuel sales and flight schools. Recommended by the city's airport commission, the plan also calls for the city to rezone airport land to non-aviation uses and continue its effort to gain control of the 227-acre facility, which is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and subject to various federal agreements.
July 31, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
United Airlines asked a federal judge to stop four of its pilots and their union, the Air Line Pilots Assn., from what it called illegal job actions that have caused hundreds of cancellations. United said some pilots have been abusing sick time because they oppose its plan to shrink its fleet and furlough pilots. An ALPA spokesman did not immediately comment.
December 22, 1990
Poor Dodgers. Hubie Brooks is traded and this triggers psychotic reactions among his ex-mates. They are stunned, confused, depressed, angry, etc. But there is no need to worry. The new team shrink has 27 couches in the clubhouse and after a couple of group therapy sessions, the team will snap out of it and be ready for opening day. JAMES J. COX Ontario
August 13, 1988
Perhaps if Reagan had consulted with a psychologist or psychiatrist he would have learned better than to make jokes about invalids, or say I don't remember, and have a perpetual smile while we have homeless people on the streets. Oh! that's right he thinks going to a shrink is a sign of weakness; his wife consults an astrologer! This can't be life in America or can it? ELEANOR BLANGSTED Oceanside
April 27, 1986
For a biography of Los Angeles psychiatrist Dr. Ross Moore, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with biographical information or personal anecdotes. Dr. Moore, whose offices were first on Broadway and then in the Westlake Park area, was known from the early years of the film industry as "the shrink to the stars." All information will be acknowledged or not, according to the contributor's wishes. SUZON FORSCEY 466 West 10th St., Claremont, Calif. 91711 (714)
July 17, 1992
In your editorial ("Oh, Boy, How Did We Get Into This?" July 6) you write, "Last week the discount rate was lowered to 3%, but there is no fundamental economic reason it can't go lower." May I offer one? Every time it drops, millions of retired seniors, who saved diligently all their life, who scrounged and did without to provide for a graceful and secure old age, watch their incomes shrink to almost nothingness--what price recovery? How dare you not give any thought to us? President Bush will hear from us in November--we complain but we do vote!
January 30, 1992
Before we go into another round of Japan-bashing because of comments by Sakurauchi on American labor, we should examine how much truth is in his statements, especially regarding workers literacy rates. It is time for America to accept the facts, and to rededicate ourselves; the words of Theodore Roosevelt in 1899 come to mind: "I preach to you, then, my countrymen, that our country calls not for the life of ease, but for the life of strenuous endeavor. . . . If we stand idly by, if we seek merely swollen, slothful ease, and ignoble peace, if we shrink from the hard contests where men must win at hazard of their lives and at the risk of all they hold dear, then the bolder and stronger peoples will pass us by and will win for themselves the domination of the world."
March 24, 2014 | By James Barragan
Michael Whan remembers the first question he was asked by the media after taking over as LPGA commissioner in January 2010: What was he going to do about the overwhelming international influence on the tour? "I want to pour more gas on the fire," he replied. At the time, this was not well-received. The LPGA was reeling from the economic downturn and the tour was struggling to find sponsors, and had shrunk its schedule from 37 events in 2008 to 28 in 2009. On top of that, American players were overshadowed by rising international stars on a tour that played the majority of its events in the U.S. But where others saw trouble, Whan saw an opportunity to spread the game across borders to attract new sponsors.
March 11, 2014 | By Jim Puzzanghera
WASHINGTON - Congressional efforts to shut down bailed-out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took a significant step forward with bipartisan agreement from key senators on a plan to overhaul the housing finance system. The proposal released Tuesday would slowly shrink the companies and replace them with a scaled-back government guarantee for mortgages. Details are expected to be disclosed in the coming days. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which together own or guarantee about 60% of existing mortgages, were seized by the federal government in 2008 as they neared bankruptcy from bad loans they guaranteed during the subprime housing boom.
March 5, 2014 | By David Lazarus
Sue is troubled, and not just by all the troublesome things in the world. She says it's come to her attention that the cardboard tube within toilet paper rolls is becoming narrower. Sue isn't saying that toilet paper rolls are becoming smaller. Just the cardboard tube, which she says no longer reaches the edges of the roll. ASK LAZ: Smart answers to consumer questions And I know what you're saying: "Thank goodness someone has finally had the courage to speak up!"
February 24, 2014 | By David S. Cloud and W.J. Hennigan
WASHINGTON - The Army will shrink to its lowest troop levels since before World War II under a budget proposed Monday by the Obama administration that seeks to downsize the Pentagon from the wartime buildup of the last 13 years, and calls for retiring hundreds of aging aircraft and warships. The proposals reflect changing fortunes in the once-sacrosanct Pentagon budget. Congress has already ordered nearly $500 billion in defense spending cuts over the next decade, and automatic budget cuts - only partially rescinded - have caused a harsh reevaluation of military needs as the nation closes out the punishing ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
February 18, 2014 | Jonah Goldberg
Of all the time-honored failings for which we criticize sitting presidents - by "we" I mean pundits, academics and other members of the chattering phylum - two charges stand out: imperialism and shrinkage. Usually it's one or the other. When the president is unpopular or when he's lost control of his agenda or when he just seems inadequate to the demands of the job, the headline "The Incredible Shrinking Presidency" proliferates like kudzu. When the Republicans lost control of Congress in 2006, the Economist proclaimed "The Incredible Shrinking Presidency" of George W. Bush on its cover.
December 29, 2013 | By Eric Pincus
The Lakers are currently carrying the league-maximum 15 players on their roster, but that may not be the case for long. Four players are signed to nonguaranteed contracts: Xavier Henry, Shawne Williams, Ryan Kelly and recent acquisition Kendall Marshall. The Lakers have until Jan. 7 to decide which players they want to keep the rest of the season. The deadline is officially Jan. 10, but each player needs 48 hours to clear the NBA's waiver process. Henry was signed over the summer for $916,099 and has proved to be one of the team's best off-season acquisitions.
June 25, 1989 | Leonard Klady \f7
Get ready for the comedy team of the '90s--Bill Murray and Woody Allen. That's what Touchstone's got cooking for "What About Bob?," once a Robin Williams project postponed from a planned shoot last spring. It could happen this fall, a source tells us, if contracts are completed. The screenplay by Tom Schulman ("Dead Poets Society") concerns a neurotic man (to be played by Murray) who flips out when his psychiatrist goes on vacation. Patient tags after shrink (Allen), making the doc's life utterly miserable.
June 12, 2008 | Tom Petruno, Times Staff Writer
Somebody stole away 99 Cents Only Stores Inc.'s quarterly profit -- literally. The City of Commerce discount retailer said Wednesday that it lost $4.4 million, or 6 cents a share, in the fiscal fourth quarter ended March 29 because of an unexpected jump in thefts at some of its stores. So-called shrink expenses -- losses tied to a drop in product inventories -- were $5.5 million greater than the company had expected for the quarter, Chief Executive Eric Schiffer said in a conference call with analysts and investors.
December 4, 2013 | By Christi Parsons
WASHINGTON - President Obama on Wednesday declared an end to the war on budget deficits and pledged instead to fight the "deficit of opportunity" for the poor and middle class. In a lengthy speech on his economic priorities, Obama said the federal deficit was under control and no longer presented a serious threat to the economy. "When it comes to our budget, we should not be stuck in a stale debate from two years ago or three years ago," Obama said at a nonprofit social services center in a poor neighborhood in the capital.
October 16, 2013 | By Andrew Tangel
NEW YORK -- Bank of America Corp.'s profit surged to $2.5 billion in the third quarter as it continued its years-long downsizing and grappled with declining mortgage income. BofA said it earned $2.5 billion, or 20 cents a share, in the third quarter, up from $340 million, or zero cents, a year earlier. The North Carolina-based financial giant's shares rose 2% in early trading Wednesday as financial stocks rallied on optimism for a debt-limit deal. BofA gained 29 cents to $14.53 shortly after the opening bell on Wall Street.
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