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Sierra Club

March 29, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Sierra Club has filed a legal challenge over a resort in the posh La Jolla neighborhood that places buoys in the Pacific Ocean each summer. Mark Massara, a Sierra Club attorney, said the buoys are a thinly veiled attempt by the seaside La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club to cordon off a patch of state-owned tidelands. The commission ordered the buoys removed in 2003, but allowed them to be reinstalled last summer at the urging of San Diego lifeguards.
December 24, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
A legal battle over the Bickford Ranch housing project has been settled, with developers agreeing to pay more than $6 million to preserve Placer County oak woodlands, an environmental group said. In a statement released Thursday, Sierra Club officials said the settlement with Bickford Holdings and SunCal, the developers, would allow about 700 acres of oak woodlands to be saved. The Sierra Club and two environmental groups had sued to block the 1,942-acre development.
March 12, 1985 | United Press International
The Sierra Club said Monday that it will lobby for strong measures in the 1985 farm bill to combat soil erosion--the other "crisis" facing American agriculture. The organization, by lobbying members of Congress who support environmental issues, will make tough conservation measures "one of the requisite elements of any farm bill that will earn their vote this year," Douglas Scott, director of federal affairs for the club, told a news conference.
October 6, 1997
Re "Sierra Club to Take On Immigration Question," Sept 29: The Sierra Club has finally climbed its Mt. Whitney. It now appears ready to acknowledge that population control is the foundation for lasting environmental control. A strong stand against immigration as we now experience it is a concept whose time has come. Let's all join in. ALLEN HOWLETT Fullerton As the daughter of immigrants from Mexico and a tenacious fighter for environmental justice and environmental equal rights, I am deeply disturbed that Sierra Club members have the audacity to believe that the U.S. must keep other people out in order to preserve the environment.
January 30, 2004
Re "Saving the Sierra Club," editorial, Jan. 26: The true "hijacking" of the Sierra Club came with Carl Pope and his cronies. After almost 50 years as a member, I quit in despair three years ago when it became apparent that the board of directors had no intention of looking at the most obvious and most persistent destroyer of the wilderness that the Sierra Club was founded to preserve. Those true conservationists now running for the board are the ones who recognize that U.S. overpopulation, which is almost entirely due to our recent flood of immigration, is totally counterproductive to the wonderful aims of the Sierra Club's founders.
March 12, 1992
In an unusual political decision, the local chapter of the Sierra Club on Wednesday endorsed two candidates in the 3rd District race for county supervisor. The club backed county Planning Commissioner David Kreitzer and Encinitas City Councilwoman Pam Slater, saying that both deserved environmentalists' votes. Four other candidates, including San Diego City Councilwoman Judy McCarty, have filed to run in the race to succeed Supervisor Susan Golding.
May 28, 1992 | From a Times Staff Writer
A week before the Earth Summit in Brazil, the Sierra Club announced a modest television campaign attacking President George Bush's record on the environment. The advertisements urge viewers to call the White House to protest what they say is Bush's weak record in protecting wetlands and encouraging recycling. At a news conference here, Sierra Club representatives charged that Bush failed to live up to his promise to be the "environmental President."
Enraged by a proposed settlement agreement, supporters of the Sierra Club's legal challenge to the planned California 56 freeway want their money back. Monday night, the Del Mar City Council agreed by consensus to ask the Sierra Club to return $7,000 it gave the club for its fight against the freeway, which is designed to connect Interstate 5 south of Del Mar to Interstate 15 to the east.
April 11, 1999 | From Times Wire Reports
The environmental battle over preservation of "America's Mountain" could soon be over. The Sierra Club and Colorado Springs, Colo., city negotiators have reached a tentative settlement to end a lawsuit over Pikes Peak Highway, a mostly gravel-covered road that 300,000 sightseers use each year to reach the summit of the 14,110-foot mountain. Details will not be released until the City Council reviews and votes on the deal Monday.
April 27, 1988 | FRANK CLIFFORD, Times Staff Writer
Sen. Pete Wilson's uneasy romance with environmental activists in California grew testy this week after Wilson sought to capitalize on one of several letters of appreciation he has received from the Sierra Club. Club officials objected to a Wilson campaign commercial that cited a 1984 letter from the Sierra Club thanking the Republican senator for his support of legislation that added 1.7 million acres to the state's inventory of wilderness land.
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