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Citing concern about "unjust" business practices, City Atty. James K. Hahn announced Monday the formation of a task force to study discrimination against single people and unmarried couples. The task force will hold a series of public hearings focusing on consumer problems, such as discrimination by landlords, insurance companies and even airline frequent flier programs. "I'm married and I get a lot of benefits from being married," Hahn said.
September 17, 2013 | By Walter Hamilton
How do you move up the economic ladder? Go to college and get married. That's the upshot of a study released Tuesday that analyzes the major factors helping to push Americans up - or down - the economic scale. The study by the Pew Charitable Trusts underscores the dramatic role that factors such as education play in what's known as economic mobility, the ability of people to financially surpass their parents. Consider, for example, single black mothers. IN-DEPTH: Five key takeaways on America's housing market Among those with college degrees, 83% climbed the income ladder compared to their parents, according to the study.
The ranks of single people have skyrocketed over the last three decades. The marriage rate in the United States was 8.3 per 1,000 adults in 1998, a University of Michigan study found, the lowest since 1958. Since the advent of the birth control pill and the feminist movement, the proportion of women ages 25 to 35 who have never been married tripled since 1970. Some adults never marry, a rate that has jumped from 16% to 23% since 1970.
December 5, 2012 | By Houston Mitchell
Two eligible single people are off the market today, as ESPN's Samantha Steele said she is engaged to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. Here is how the proposal went: Ponder spelled out "Marry Me" in Christmas lights on his house. Neither Chevy Chase nor the rest of the cast of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" were involved. Steele and Ponder met earlier this year on the set of ESPN's "College Gameday. " The Vikings have stumbled to 6-6 this season after beginning the campaign 4-1, making many wonder if Ponder's relationship with Steele is a distraction.
February 12, 1993 | BARBARA BRONSON GRAY, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES; Barbara Bronson Gray is a regular contributor to Valley Life.
Sally Maisel was browsing through a singles column in the newspaper when she saw an announcement for a get-acquainted meeting for L.A.C.A.N. Maisel, 41, a single Van Nuys television game show writer, was looking for a way to do something for the community--"to work with illiteracy or older people," she says--and to meet others with a social conscience.
A little over a year ago, Dick Bordenkircher pulled up stakes from San Diego and accepted a job offer in Newbury Park. He came, he said, with an open mind, a positive outlook and the belief he would soon hook up with other single people. Within a few months, the 35-year-old engineer wondered if he had made a mistake. "There aren't nearly as many single people as in San Diego, and I really wasn't meeting anyone," said Bordenkircher, who recently moved again from Thousand Oaks to Camarillo.
Paul Walton's search for a wife consumes much of his time and $3,000 a month. Ever since the 38-year-old San Diego millionaire told Oprah's viewers last year that he is looking for a mate who wants to "give it up to live it up," he has been jetting around the country to meet the candidates. Jerilyn Walter has taken to the skies to meet Mr. Right, too. Actually lots of Mr. Rights.
You eat a light lunch and get home late from work. You're tired and famished, so you grab dinner--cheese, crackers and a couple of glasses of wine. And since you live alone and nobody's looking . . . well, what the heck, why not polish off the pint of Cherry Garcia? Many people who live by themselves find it difficult to shop, cook and pay attention to good nutrition.
January 26, 1990 | EVAN CUMMINGS, Evan Cummings is a regular contributor to Orange County Life
Lizabeth was upset when she called last week. Only two weeks ago, she was brimming with girlish delight, talking about "Ted." She met him six weeks ago at a popular Orange County singles dance. Handsome, humorous and gainfully employed (unlike the last guy she dated), he looked as if he might be "the one." He swept her off her feet with kind and thoughtful gestures that went further than traditional flowers and candy. He was Johnny-on-the-spot, offering to fix an annoying kitchen faucet drip.
December 23, 1990
Please tell Walter Shields of Torrance (Letters From Readers, Sept. 16) the reason why he has to pay more as a single has to do with fixed costs. When he pays $80 for a single and his friends are each paying $65, they actually are paying more ($130) for the room than he is. It is not a matter of gouging single people, it is a matter of profitability. STEPHEN SWERLING Lake Oswego, Ore.
July 13, 2012 | By Irene Lacher, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Louis C.K.(a transliteration of his Hungarian surname, Szekely), a divorced stand-up comedian with two daughters, recently returned to the small screen with the third season of the edgy eponymous FX comedy series he writes, stars in and directs. "Louie," also about a divorced stand-up comedian with two daughters, has been a critics' darling since its 2010 debut. Since "Louie" mines your life for material, I gather that one thing you're thinking a lot about these days is dating and gender roles.
December 29, 2008 | Alana Semuels
It took 18 years of marriage for David C. Wright to decide there was nothing wrong with being single. Now this 65-year-old divorce is trying to help other unmarried people embrace their lifestyle and shed the stereotype that they're lonely bachelors or cat-loving old maids.
November 23, 2006 | Brad Dickson, Special to The Times
HAPPY Thanksgiving. It may be difficult to have a good one if you're attending one of the numerous Thanksgiving mixers for single people in the greater Los Angeles area. Perhaps because Thanksgiving is a more secular holiday than Christmas, society has deemed it necessary for unmarried folk to band together in awkward groups of strangers making stilted conversation over carved meat.
August 21, 2006 | From Times wire reports
Here's some bad news for the confirmed bachelors and runaway brides of the world: They don't live as long as married people, especially if they never get married, according to new research. Many studies have found that unmarried adults tend to die earlier than those who are married, but most did not differentiate between those who were separated or divorced and those who never got hitched. In the new study, Robert Kaplan of UCLA and Richard Kronick of U.C.
September 4, 2005 | Maggie Farley, Times Staff Writer
In a country where single adults now make up most common type of household, the most "single" place in America may be Manhattan. More people live alone in the Borough of Manhattan than in any U.S. county, with nearly half of all households occupied by singles, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. "I live alone because I could never find a man," said artist Gloria Gentile, 76, a native of New York City.
August 23, 2005 | Meghan Daum, MEGHAN DAUM is an essayist and novelist in Los Angeles.
LAST WEEK, THE Census Bureau released data from 2000 showing that single, childless households are now the largest segment of the population. I was so surprised by this that I nearly spilled my Chinese takeout into the sink I was standing and eating over. Could it be that single people, the perennial icons of cat-owning, dirty-sock-wearing pathos, are finally getting their due? Well, numbers don't lie.
October 27, 1993 | TINA DAUNT
Ventura County will continue a program to reduce the number of single people on welfare by helping the recipients get jobs, Ventura County supervisors decided Tuesday. The supervisors voted 4 to 0 to authorize spending about $50,000 next year to continue providing job counseling, drug treatment and other services to the recipients. Since county officials began the effort in January, 1992, the number of single residents on welfare in the county has plunged by 34%.
March 6, 1988 | MARYANN MROWCA, Associated Press
Frank Cook, a divorced farmer, had little time left to find a date after he tended to his cows, hogs, crops and children. So he joined the more than 600 farmers, agricultural workers and others who meet new friends and lovers through Singles in Agriculture, a nonprofit group based in Wisconsin. "Farm people are special people. They're busy and they don't have time to go to things," Cook, 52, said in a telephone interview. "It's hard to find someone when you're on the farm."
In the movie "40 Days and 40 Nights," Josh Hartnett plays a virile but vulnerable guy who gives up sex for Lent after a bad breakup. He renounces women, hides his porno collection and eventually has a buddy chain him down to keep his hands off himself. He avoids temptation until he meets Erica (Shannyn Sossamon) at a laundromat, and struggles throughout the rest of the film to keep his vow of chastity without losing her. Like Hartnett's character, I, too, am abstaining during Lent.
July 1, 2001
Evan Johnson's recommendation that we abolish joint tax returns ["The 'Marriage Penalty' and Tax Simplification," Letters, June 24] is a cure worse than the disease. Sure, that would be fairer to single people, but what about single-income households? After all, one individual who earns any given amount will pay more tax than two individuals who each earn half that amount. Thus, if Mr. Johnson's proposal were enacted, a family with a single member earning $100,000 a year would pay a lot more tax than their next-door neighbors who earn $50,000 each.
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