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December 10, 1995
In response to Simi Valley Mayor Greg Stratton, who thinks that libraries will be phased out in 10 or 20 years and become museums, I would like to forecast that people will instead get up stiff and tired from sitting in front of their computers and will take an important biography, a fine novel or an authoritative book on some subject they are interested in from the library, sit in a comfortable chair with feet up or take such a book on a trip or...
January 18, 1998
In his letter (Dec. 28), Gerald L. Parsons implied that his long "economy class" flight from Hong Kong was the cause of his bout with phlebitis. The cause was as Parsons, himself, stated: "I was exhausted and slept in my seat for the total flight." On a typical "economy class" flight to Melbourne, Australia, via Auckland, New Zealand, I periodically and often exercised my legs while sitting. Upon making a tip-toeing movement, or motion, while sitting, one's feet, knees and hips get exercised and one's blood circulation to the lower extremities is improved.
September 27, 2003
According to their own rules: "No air horns, bells or other noise-making devices are permitted in Dodger Stadium." Then why would the powers that be see fit to hand out 54,000 sets of thunder sticks (that's more than 100,000 wands of torture)? The players don't like them and neither do most fans. If you're sitting behind someone who insists on banging them relentlessly, it's like watching a game through windshield wipers. If you're sitting in front of an offender, the noise is near deafening.
February 27, 1992
We hear a lot about the New Hampshire primary's anti-Bush feeling due to the economy and jobs, jobs, jobs. Pessimists see a big threat to Bush, the sitting duck. We have short memories. Do you remember in 1982-83, a much worse recession than the present? We had a sitting-duck Republican then--Ronald Reagan. The next year, 1984, he received the biggest winning vote in history. Now what was that about a recession unseating the incumbent president? Not since Herbert Hoover and FDR in 1932 has that happened.
September 22, 1990
The season is over (and has been for some time). We should be looking toward the 1991 season. Now is the time to give the youngsters the chance to play so an evaluation can be made as to who can play at the major league level. Why is Mike Pagliarulo still starting? Why is Pagliarulo still in uniform? Why are Paul Faries and Joey Cora sitting? Why wasn't Eddie Williams called up? Why is Fred Lynn starting? Why are Gerald Clark, Darren Jackson and Shawn Abner sitting? Why wasn't Thomas Howard called up?
October 22, 2003
Re "Lockyer Broke Ranks, Voted GOP," Oct. 19: It is not mysterious why Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer voted for Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lockyer wants to run for governor in 2006. If Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante had won, he would have been the sitting governor in 2006 and Lockyer would have had a slim chance of beating him in the primary. Pure self-interest on Lockyer's part. Alex Magdaleno Camarillo
October 3, 2004
Al DANIAL of Redondo Beach was in Rabat, Morocco, in July touring the 17th century Kasbah des Oudaias fortress when he noticed visitors sitting on a wall, facing the ocean. "We walked up to see what they were looking at," Danial says, "and there was this sea of people below." The temperature? Not particularly hot -- high 80s. Just another day at the beach.
October 31, 1991 | AL MARTINEZ
I know I said I'd be back in the paper this week but I changed my mind when a cardiologist said to me, "You'll be ready for work after your bypass when you can have sex or climb 15 flights of stairs without passing out." I'm sitting at the foot of the stairs thinking about it. Next week for sure.
August 17, 1985
Why don't the Rams just sign Eric Dickerson. For the last two years he was almost half of the Rams' offense. He is just protecting himself and, if the Rams sign him, it will be better for them and not him. I would like to see Dickerson play and not be sitting at home. SLAVA SIDERMAN Los Angeles
September 14, 1991
I can't believe the diatribe you wrote regarding Jimmy Connors. Was this perhaps a tongue-in-cheek article? Jimmy overacting. Aren't you overreacting? Perhaps I should have been prudently sitting wearing white gloves while I watch, engrossed for hours by TV, instead of whooping and hollering? Better not sit near me, a rude Los Angeles fan, at any sports activity because I'll be screaming and yelling. MIM THAYER Los Angeles
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