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Skouras Pictures Inc

February 2, 1986
Skouras Pictures Inc., Hollywood, named Kelly Neal president of its domestic division, reporting to President and Chief Executive Dimitri (Tom) Skouras. Also, Marc Halperin was named vice president and general sales manager. The motion-picture distribution company has expanded into domestic distribution after concentrating primarily on overseas markets.
August 25, 1989 | SHEILA BENSON, Times Film Critic
A few minutes after the insinuating blues voice of Willie Dixon pours onto the sound track, "Ginger Ale Afternoon" (at the Nuart) reveals its heroic subject, young bikini-clad Jesse Mickers, who appears to be nine-plus months pregnant, gingerly lowering herself onto a rickety outdoor chaise. Believe your eyes.
November 3, 1989 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
"Dealers" (at the Cineplex Odeon Century City) looks like the sort of movie that might have resulted if some would-be high-rollers caught a screening of Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" and decided that its setting--the sleek world of high finance--had potential but its concept had to be turned around. After all, what's wrong with a little hustle, a little initiative, a lot of money?
September 2, 1988 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
In movies shot from childhood's perspective, the film makers can give their images a conscious shine, a sense of rough wonder. That's what happens in the modestly made, often lovely "The Wizard of Loneliness," (Westwood Plaza). Director Jenny Bowen gives us a childhood idyll with black edges. As in "My Life as a Dog," we see everything from the wide-eyed viewpoint of a young boy, separated from his parents, forced to live in a distant, small town environment.
March 9, 1989 | SHEILA BENSON, Times Film Critic
Mike Leigh's savage-sweet "High Hopes," which opens Friday at the Goldwyn Pavilion Cinema, Westside, is small in scale and lingering in impact. It's lovely the first time, even more so the second, when you've got the knack of its rhythms.
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