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April 10, 2012 | By Mike Swift
SAN JOSE — Christine Egy Rose realized she was on to something powerful. Instead of the awkward monosyllabic two-minute exchange her 2-year-old son, Jackson, typically had over a video chat link with relatives, he spent a full 50 minutes happily working on a shared drawing with his grandmother in Florida, using the video chat's embedded drawing feature that Egy Rose was developing. Egy Rose's mother-in-law, feeling so much closer to the little boy in California, was almost in tears by the end of the chat.
December 20, 2011 | By Mary Forgione, Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
Internet communications company Skype is offering an hour of free Wi-Fi for travelers at New York's JFK and La Guardia airports and Chicago O'Hare. Los Angeles and John Wayne airports are not available for free Wi-Fi from Skype (prices start at $6 for the first hour), but Bob Hope Airport in Burbank as well as San Francisco and Sacramento airports will be eligible this holiday season. The deal: If you aren't Skype savvy, here's a quick tutorial that explains how you can talk over the Internet to anyone for free or at a low cost.
October 23, 2011
Doing in evil-doers Re "Another feather for Obama the hawk," Oct. 21 Despite the Republicans' continued sniping, President Obama has proved himself as commander in chief. Both Osama bin Laden and Moammar Kadafi have been killed, with no loss of American lives and minimal impact on the local civilian populations. Compare these facts with the costs of removing Saddam Hussein and our continued, seemingly pointless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it seems obvious which president (and which political party)
July 7, 2011 | By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times
In a bid to become the hub of communication on the Web, Facebook, the world's largest social network, is partnering with Skype to offer its 750 million users the ability to have live video chats with one another for free. The video calling feature, which became available on Wednesday, is likely to prompt many Facebook users to spend more time online and even less time on the phone. "We're using the best technology out there for video chat with the best social technology," Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said during a news conference Wednesday at the company's Palo Alto headquarters.
May 11, 2011 | By David Sarno, Los Angeles Times
It could be the most expensive call Microsoft Corp. has ever made. In acquiring Internet phone service Skype for $8.5 billion, the technology giant is seeking new ways to make money as its core computer software business faces a growing threat from a new generation of powerful mobile devices. But some analysts believe the Skype deal, Microsoft's largest ever, could become a multibillion-dollar dud, as it once was for EBay Inc. The online auction site acquired Skype for $3.1 billion in 2005 but then sold most of its stake in the phone service after failing to wring a profit from it. "The question is, what's the point here?"
March 8, 2011 | By Nathan Olivarez-Giles, Los Angeles Times
Skype, the popular Internet-based calling service, said Monday it would begin running ads. "Today we announce something new ? the launch of advertising in Skype, which will appear in the Home tab in Skype starting this week," Doug Bewsher, Skype's chief marketing officer, said in a company blog post. "The Skype experience is our first priority, which is why we we've taken a lot of time working through and testing what kind of advertising would work best in the Skype environment. " Skype, which has about 145 million monthly users, has run test ads from Rdio over the last "month or two," and the first official advertisements inside of Skype will start running sometime this week, Bewsher said.
February 27, 2011
Maybe Christopher Reynolds doesn't know O.C. ["Slice of Orange," Feb. 20] because he failed to mention an urban oasis, the Noguchi sculpture garden, across from South Coast Plaza at 3202 Avenue of the Arts, tucked behind the Comerica Building at 611 Anton Blvd. This 1.6-acre park includes a number of sculptures by Isamu Noguchi and is a great place to stroll and maybe bring your lunch. Also, speaking of restaurants at or near the Santa Ana Arts District, one of my favorites is Lola Gaspar, which has an unusual menu and congenial service.
February 15, 2011
JAMES FRANCO "The Iceman" (2011) Franco cometh, along with Benicio Del Toro and Michael Shannon, in this film based on a true story of a hitman who leads a double life as a family man. "Lovelace" (2012) At press time, Franco was in discussions to play the porno man who captured Linda Lovelace on camera, reuniting him with "Howl" directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. "General Hospital" (2009-present) Franco's had a killer role as, well, Franco on the sudser; he claims he's studying up for his upcoming "Maladies" with Catherine Keener ?
December 23, 2010 | By W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times
Millions of Skype Internet phone users worldwide couldn't make calls ? or were dropped in mid-conversation ? because of a network connection failure that began about 9 a.m. Wednesday PST. It marked the second time this year that the popular, low-cost calling service was hit with a major outage, and this one was more widespread than the two-day disruption in 2007. "For a communications system this large to go down, it's almost unheard of," said Charles S. Golvin, a Forrester Research analyst.
October 13, 2010 | By Christi Parsons and Peter Nicholas, Tribune Washington Bureau
President Obama bemoaned the American attention span in a novel town-hall-style campaign event Tuesday night convened in part via an array of digital media options, including Twitter. But true to form, the president used considerably more than 140 characters ? the limit of a typical tweet ? to urge supporters to convey his message. He took up most of the hourlong webcast to remind them of what Democrats have done during 20 months in power. Unfortunately, Obama said, the vagaries of the 24-hour news cycle are working against him. Washington media is more focused on "what happens this minute as opposed to what needs to happen over the course of months, years," Obama told his audience.
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