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Small World

December 22, 2002 | Michael A. Hiltzik, Michael A. Hiltzik is a Times staff writer.
Prey A Novel Michael Crichton HarperCollins: 384 pp., $26.95 * One can always predict what new peril to Life As We Know It will make its way to the TV news shows or the cover of Time magazine by checking out the premise of Michael Crichton's latest bestseller. "Jurassic Park" landed just in time for the recombinant-DNA scare, and there was "Rising Sun" for the Japan-will-own-us panic of the early '90s.
Wind-borne pollution from China and neighboring countries is spreading to California and other parts of the nation and Canada as a result of surging economic activity and destructive farming practices half a world away, according to new scientific studies. The research shows that a mix of pollutants, from dust to ozone to toxic chemicals, travels farther than once realized.
April 1, 2002 | MARK BOWDEN, Mark Bowden is the author of "Black Hawk Down" and, more recently, "Killing Pablo" (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2001).
We Americans like to think that people the world over are, at heart, just like us. This isn't because we're a simplistic and naive people. It is part of our national faith. We are, after all, a melting pot, a country made of people from everywhere. No one faith, tribe or race created America, and no one of the above defines it. The virtues of tolerance and mutual respect--though too often betrayed--are such a part of our national faith that they are considered trite.
Small-school softball teams from the region reign supreme in the Southern Section playoffs, which begin this week. Chaminade, Village Christian and Oaks Christian highs earned No. 1 seedings in Divisions IV-VI. First-round games are Friday at 3:15 p.m. Chaminade (16-8-1), which lost to Calabasas in the Division IV final last season, will face the winner of Wednesday's wild-card game between Lompoc Cabrillo and Nordhoff. Village Christian (19-4), the Alpha League's No. 1 entry, will host Mammoth.
September 24, 2000 | GREG BRAXTON, Greg Braxton is a Times staff writer
Life is not easy for a genetically enhanced human prototype on the run in the bleak 21st century. Loss and fear and corruption seep through the world in which Max, a 20-year-old bicycle messenger, tries to survive. Possessing a wounded beauty that stops men--and women--dead in their tracks, she doesn't suffer fools lightly. She has attitude, the kind that angry teens drape themselves in for protection, and deadly martial arts skills that she's unafraid to use.
May 11, 2000 | STEVE HENSON
Don't take anything away from Tim Thompson. The pitcher with a no-frills delivery and no-nonsense countenance has compiled the most gaudy four-year won-loss record in state history. Thompson notched his 52nd career victory Wednesday when Grace Brethren High defeated Faith Baptist, 10-0, in five innings, breaking the nearly 30-year-old state record of Scott McGregor of El Segundo.
March 21, 2000 | PATT MORRISON
In still small-town-feeling San Diego, it's not surprising that the two men who were voted into the mayoral runoff, Dick Murphy and Ron Roberts, have much in common: Both are 57-year-old Republicans who got appointments from a mayor named Pete Wilson. Two who didn't make the runoff cutoff among the dozen candidates also first met in the San Diego of the early 1970s--but under different circumstances. As a young Bank of America employee, Peter Q.
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