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Smart Move

September 8, 1996
Re your latest critical editorial on the Transportation Corridor Agencies ("Taxpayers Shouldn't Buy Agencies' Big Spending," Aug. 25): As a developer, former Building Industry Assn. president, and a conservative who has a natural antipathy to big government, I generally do not relish the notion of public agencies acquiring more real estate. But in the toll road agencies' case, I believe the board of directors did the right thing by purchasing an office building in Irvine Spectrum. Most of 1995-96 has produced a tightening real estate market.
"What do the Rolling Stones . . . Jerry Lee Lewis . . . Peggy Lee . . . Led Zeppelin and Sam Cooke have in common--besides a collective mountain of hit records?" That's the question raised by Bill Dahl at the beginning of his liner notes to the latest in MCA's excellent series of Chess Records reissues, and you'll probably be delighted with the two-disc package regardless of whether you know the answer. * **** Various Artists, "The Chess Blues-Rock Songbook: The Classic Originals," MCA/Chess.
May 10, 2008 | Martin Zimmerman, Times Staff Writer
Is Mercury headed for the junkyard? Speculation is mounting that Ford Motor Co., preoccupied with reviving its Ford and Lincoln brands, might decide to retire the Mercury nameplate rather than spend scarce resources trying to restore its former luster. Despite denials from Ford, the conjecture got a boost last week when Jerome York, a former auto executive and advisor to billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, said shedding the brand would be a smart move for the struggling automaker.
July 10, 2012 | Bill Plaschke
For years, it was an organization defined by a crazy owner, his careless vision and caustic misfortune. For years, even during their rare brushes with success, they were viewed not as an actual basketball team, but as a comedic product of a strange man's obsession, a parlor trick trotted out 82 times a years to entertain family and friends. They were never just "The Clippers," right? They were always, "Donald Sterling's Clippers," with that villainous prefix defining their perception and determining their future.
January 18, 2004
Re "Water Plant Turned Down," Dec. 17: The Huntington Beach Planning Commission staff and City Council should be commended for expending the extra effort in studying the very complex issues in the environmental report for the proposed Poseidon desalination plant before rendering their decision. During extended drought periods, desalination plants, together with water conservation and water reclamation, are certainly worthy of serious consideration in order to continue to maintain a safe and reliable source of drinking water for our residents.
Among the many things new parents (and new grandparents) should learn right away is what's available in worthwhile toys. Many discounters offer many useless toys, but the price is right, so neophytes buy them. The trick is tracking down toys that aid in learning skills. As a guideline, I have been visiting Inteliplay in Sherman Oaks because its selection focuses on educational toys. The prices are rarely discounted, but just this month the company has opened a new location.
December 8, 2007 | Larry Stewart, Times Staff Writer
Karl Dorrell won't have the same opportunity another UCLA football coach had after being fired for not winning. When Bert LaBrucherie was fired by UCLA after the Bruins went 3-7 in 1948 (after going 20-9 his first three seasons), he was able to find another head coaching job without having to leave Southern California. LaBrucherie was hired by Caltech to coach football and track. But Caltech is not an option for Dorrell. The Pasadena school dropped football in 1993.
February 23, 1993 | RICK DU BROW
TV or not TV. . . . THE SWITCH: In a way, KCAL-TV Channel 9 was lucky as well as smart when--going nowhere as a station--it decided to present a nightly, three-hour, prime-time newscast. The station's format, which marks its third anniversary next month, was introduced as news and reality series were increasing as major forces on the national networks. Add to that the fact that the emphasis on local news made KCAL wholly different from CNN, with its global and national approach.
May 26, 2001
It bothers me that some of the same voices who criticize athletes for going pro straight out of high school or for not finishing their degrees are nailing Vince Carter for attending his graduation ceremony. At best, they're sending a mixed message. At worst, they're sending a message that states that it's wrong for an individual to celebrate a personal victory at the possible expense of company profits. Sure, we've seen that teamwork over individual effort is a successful formula. (I'm glad the Lakers figured this out.)
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