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April 25, 1993
The Rumor Mill sponsored by Councilwoman Joy Picus (April 7) is a good idea, but when police officers are called to investigate why black men are going to a public establishment, Smart and Final, that's where I draw the line. What is suspicious about black men going to this public place? Smart and Final did not call to report concern. Would the police come if two vans of white men arrived at the highly populated black and brown area of Los Angeles where there is a Smart and Final located on Crenshaw Boulevard?
May 5, 1991
Like Chuck Trudeau in today's Los Angeles Times, I, too, wondered why Dusty the Wonder Dog bothered to return to a family who obviously had no feeling for her. I actually cried at the thought of such loyalty and determination displayed by this animal. I visualized her without food, water or shelter during her long journey back home. She was smart enough to avoid the busy roads by traveling through the hills. Too bad she wasn't smart enough to find a new owner. ASTRID RAMSEY, Universal City
July 12, 1986
For the past eight years, Steve Carlton has bit the hand that feeds, refusing to grant interviews or speak to sports writers. Now 41, and clearly a washed up hanger-on, he has decided he could use some sympathy and publicity. So, he calls a press conference to tell the fans he can still pitch. Like we care. The incredible thing is the media turns out in droves and makes a big deal out of this event. If you guys were smart, you would not have shown up for the press conference, and then maybe the next Steve Carlton or John Tudor would have to think twice about acting like a spoiled child for the majority of his career.
August 27, 1988
There seems to be some question about whether Quayle is smart enough to be President. After all, he was smart enough to know when to call his father! What more cynical example do we need on how power corrupts and about Bush's value on competence and personal integrity in his administration? One fact emerges--they are very good at "damage control," in which they have had unprecedented experience. I keep asking myself, does the electorate really deserve such continued mediocrity in government?
February 26, 1991
I guess our President considers dumb humans cheaper than smart bombs. Surely one of his advisers was smart enough to tell him that a ground war was the move Saddam Hussein most wanted. By withstanding a full-out war with the combined forces of the West, Hussein can consider himself the most successful Arab military leader of the past 50 years. All Hussein has to do is outlast an impatient and foolish President Bush. Hussein has already seen his modernized Iraq crumble, but now will get to see Americans and the allies suffer real losses in revenge.
August 31, 1986
I don't know what "dangers" Harry Bernstein was referring to in his article on 'privatizing' minibuses. I have yet to see at any city council's meeting the following scenario: A group of citizens demands that another government bureaucracy be set up for the purpose of duplicating a service that is already available, at a higher price than the competition, and to be subsidized by taxpayers who will never see a nickel's worth of return on the...
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