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April 13, 1991
As is being seen, the mandatory water conservation measures being taken in some Southland areas are not affecting the water-use habits of some of those who can afford to pay the extra rates levied. Someone has finally been able to heed the call of those who want to "soak the rich." RANDEL WM. JONES Irvine
February 28, 2014 | By Scott Gold, Ruben Vives and Hailey Branson-Potts
A potent storm gave Southern California a more thorough soaking on Friday than it has seen in more than three years, bringing both cheers in a drought-stricken state and anxiety as it sent mud billowing through hillside neighborhoods and clogged roads. Downtown Los Angeles saw more rain by Friday afternoon - 1.7 inches - than it had seen during the entire rest of the "rain year," starting last July. For some, it was a harrowing day - for two drivers who were rescued after getting trapped by a rock slide near Malibu; for two men rescued from a downed tree in the suddenly roiling Los Angeles River; for hundreds who lost electricity when a power pole toppled over near a Long Beach police station.
October 15, 2009 | Mark Medina
Nickelodeon's ratings are up in Miami, where the Hurricanes are undefeated since quarterback Jacory Harris asked his teammates to start watching "SpongeBob Squarepants." "Jacory called everyone up and said, 'Hey, listen, the only thing we're going to watch on TV from now on is SpongeBob,' " Coach Randy Shannon told the Miami Herald. " 'We ain't watching ESPN. We ain't watching CBS. We ain't watching ABC. If SpongeBob can tell you how good you are, then you deserve it.' " Apparently, SpongeBob was on to something.
January 24, 2014 | By Alene Dawson
In this hyper-fast, crazy-overscheduled, stress-inducing, 24/7 plugged-in reality, baths seem indulgent, even quaint, conjuring images of 19th century paintings of women with their hair swirled high atop their heads in old-timey tubs pouring pails of heated water about them. But a bath may be just what the doctor ordered. "America is a fast-moving society. We have fewer holidays and vacation time than, for example, Europe, and because of technology we're always on the clock," says Ole Henriksen, owner of the eponymous skin care line and West Hollywood spa where he incorporates Japanese bathing rituals.
January 10, 2010 | By Judith Fein
I was sitting on the banks of the Garavogue River in Sligo on a spring day last year when a local woman parked her bike and sat down next to me. We chatted about this and that, and then she asked whether I liked spas. It was like asking Santa whether he liked reindeer. "I find most spas very fussy," she said, "but I think you'd find the Voya seaweed baths in Strandhill really different. It's less than 10 kilometers from here." Because locals are my favorite guidebooks, I jumped into my rental car, and off I went.
May 18, 2004
I just returned from a 40-mile backpacking trip in the Ventana Wilderness near Big Sur. The wildflowers were in bloom; lots of reds, yellows, purples. We saw three condors one day. The camping among the pines and redwoods with the rushing rivers providing background music was magical. Grand finale was a soak in the Sykes Hot Springs. Betty Niimi Manhattan Beach
April 2, 2007
On the 13th day of the Persian New Year, or Nowruz, it is considered bad luck to be indoors. Above, from left, Mahtab Davatolhagh, Nick Spera, Natalie Zimmerman and Don Sauder join others at William R. Mason Regional Park in Irvine to soak in the nice weather as they celebrate the day called Sizdah Bedar. Below, Amir Norbakhsh, left, and Abbas Javan play backgammon, and at right, Roya Rohani spends the Sunday with her dog, Roxy.
August 4, 1991
I'll tell you why the public doesn't believe that the recession is over ("Economists, Public Part Ways Over End of Recession," July 9). Not only is it because they see little change in their purchasing power, but it's also because they've grown weary of all the government lies. Since the early days of the Reagan Administration, economic indicators have been revised, be they reports or whatever, to suit the Administration. During the Ronald Reagan presidency, figures and formulations were routinely changed if they produced numbers that were not to the Administration's liking.
January 31, 2007 | Russ Parsons, Times Staff Writer
THANKS to the popularity of fried calamari, almost everyone has eaten squid, even if very few people have cooked it. Really, there's not that much to it. The most important thing you have to know is that squid is almost pure muscle, with little fat. That means it cooks very quickly and overcooks almost as fast. If you've ever had calamari with the texture of rubber bands, it was because someone wasn't paying attention and let it cook a minute or two too long.
June 3, 1990
In the past several months, the price of crude oil dropped 22% ($23 to $18 per barrel), but the price of gasoline, which generally fluctuates with the price of crude oil, has increased in price instead. There was a great competitor in San Diego--Thrifty Oil Co. But the government permitted Arco to buy them out. So the major oil companies play around with the price of gas and soak the public. Thrifty should be separated from Arco the way Lucky Markets might be separated from Alpha Beta.
January 2, 2014 | By Robert Zaretsky
For food, fashion and fast trains, few labels are more sought after, and rightly so, than "Made in France. " But when it comes to the making and unmaking of empires, not so much. Take the case of the Central African Republic. Three weeks ago, as bloody mayhem engulfed the CAR, François Hollande did what French presidents do best: He sent in the paratroops. With the blessing, and precious little else, of his European neighbors, Hollande declared his intention to protect 100 or so French nationals in Bangui, the capital, and to disarm both the outlawed Seleka fighters, overwhelmingly Muslim, and the vigilante anti-balaka (or "machete")
December 4, 2013 | By Mikael Wood
Among the many delightful bits of information that Giorgio Moroder passed along to The Times' August Brown in October was that the 73-year-old disco pioneer had remixed a tune by L.A.'s Haim.  In terms of hipster-aligned pop in 2013, this was more or less like learning that Nabokov had punched up a bit of Hemingway. A little over a month later, the result of that too-cool union is here, and if it isn't quite the second coming of " I Feel Love ," Moroder's remix convincingly transforms the Haim sisters' bubbly pop-rock tune into a slamming club jam. PHOTOS: Concerts by The Times There is an unrelenting beat.
October 28, 2013 | By Alicia Banks
A fire hydrant in Hollywood that ruptured after a car slammed into it Monday morning sent water high into the air and onto the House of Blues property, authorities said. Firefighters who received a call about the incident about 3:47 a.m. controlled the water spurt in the 8400 block of Sunset Boulevard and had the scene cleared an hour later. It was unclear how much damage the water caused to the concert venue. A representative at House of Blues could not immediately be reached. Los Angeles County sheriff's Sgt. Richard Bowman at the West Hollywood station said the driver was not impaired at the time of the crash.  It was not immediately known what caused the driver to veer off the road and slam into the fire hydrant, Bowman added.
September 19, 2013 | Bill Plaschke
PHOENIX - Their weary souls covered in the pained sweat that comes from digging through the deepest of expectations, the Dodgers celebrated the triumphant climax of their regular-season journey Thursday with a most perfect splash. The boys took a bath. Shortly after the Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-6, to clinch the National League West championship, about half of the team jogged out of its Chase Field dugout, across an empty right-field expanse, and headed toward the right-center field wall.
June 29, 2013 | By Maria L. La Ganga
SAN FRANCISCO -- John Lewis and Stuart Gaffney looked at the line of gay and lesbian couples waiting happily for their marriage licenses at San Francisco City Hall on Saturday morning and were more than a little bit dumbstruck. "Right now, San Francisco City Hall is the happiest place on Earth," Gaffney said. "I don't want to be any other place but here. " Lewis, 54, and Gaffney, 50, had been among the first 10 couples to be married in this very building in 2004, when then-Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the city to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
June 27, 2013 | Bill Plaschke
It was two hours before the first pitch Thursday, and the Dodger Stadium tour guide was ushering a dozen fans from the seats behind home plate when one of them stopped. "Wait a minute," he said. "Puig is hitting. " "But…," said the tour guide. "No, no, no," said another fan. "Puig is hitting. " The entire group halted to witness the hottest debuting hitter in Dodgers history take batting practice. Turns out they could have done it with their eyes closed. BOX SCORE: Dodgers 6, Philadelphia 4 Thwack!
January 11, 1995
Southern California was handed its latest dose of natural disaster on Tuesday, with record amounts of rain falling across the region. Here is a look at the problems and a glance at what's ahead. More Misery in Malibu Much of Southern California was swamped on Tuesday. But for Malibu, the flooding was just the latest in a long line of calamities caused by the elements--the most recent being the raging wildfires of 1993.
January 31, 2004
Re "U.S. Billed for Lost Water," Jan. 26: How ridiculous to charge me (and all fellow taxpayers) via the government for water some irrigators didn't get. Would the irrigator have been charged for the loss of fish (or other resource) had the water allocation gone the other way? Garen Yegparian Burbank
June 13, 2013 | By Rene Lynch
Did someone at Fox mix up the nights? Did someone sub in "Hell's Kitchen" for an episode of "MasterChef"? It was hard to tell the difference at times as four challenges rolled out in rapid-fire succession. A steak challenge! An eggs Benedict challenge! A poached lobster challenge! And a burger challenge at chef Gordon Ramsay BurGr in Las Vegas that put four of the competitors through a hell that only the competitors over on "Hell's Kitchen" could truly appreciate. PHOTOS: 'The Big Bang Theory' cast at Griffith Observatory When the smoke cleared, Kathy Prieto was sent home to the Bronx, but not without a Kleenex-worthy pep talk from the judges -- and what sounded like a possible job-offer-tryout-kitchen-tutorial from chef Ramsay.)
April 17, 2013 | By Lloyd Billingsley
Now that they have filed their income tax returns and written their checks, many Californians are starting to realize that government greed is no laughing matter. In November, California voters approved Proposition 30, raising the state's top income tax rate to 13.3%, an increase of more than 29%. The state sales tax now ranges from 7.5% to 10%, the highest statewide rate in the nation. The tax increases are supposed to raise an additional $6 billion in revenue. But that's not enough for California politicians.
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