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December 17, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Want to send a saucy photo? Facebook is looking at a way to do it discreetly. The 1-billion-user social network is reportedly set to release a new app before Jan. 1 that will be similar to Snapchat, an app often used to send "sexts," or sexually explicit content, according to All Things D , citing unnamed sources. QUIZ: How much do you know about Facebook? Snapchat, which has grown in popularity in recent months, allows users to send pictures and videos that disappear after a set time period.
November 8, 2012 | By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
Not too long ago, friending someone involved more than just clicking a button on Facebook. So in a retro twist to social networking, a wave of Web start-ups are encouraging users to get off their couches, away from their smartphones and tablets, and back into the real world. "We have an internal tagline: Use the Internet to get off the Internet," said Kathryn Fink, community manager at Meetup, an online-to-offline start-up with 11 million members. Hybrid social networks are connecting strangers with similar interests online, then directing them to meet in person for dinners, bar-hopping, bowling or biking excursions.
October 5, 2012 | By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times
MENLO PARK - Facebook Inc. is on the outs with investors and the tumbling stock price has dented employees' morale and personal net worth. But at 1 Hacker Way, there's no stopping the hacker culture - or the hackathon. A few days ago, amped Facebook staffers sprawled on couches and chairs, plugging away on laptops and filling white boards with software code as they took part in the company's 33rd hackathon. A communal room pulsed with techno music. Giant white motivational posters with bright red lettering lined the walls: "Fortune Favors the Bold" and "What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid?"
October 4, 2012 | By Deborah Netburn
Facebook announced Thursday that it had signed up its 1 billionth user. To celebrate, the company released an ad. The ad isn't really designed to sell anything. It is designed to help us understand Facebook's role in the world. And it starts with chairs. "Chairs are made so people can sit down and take a break," a woman's voice tells us as we watch all kinds of people sitting in all kinds of chairs. "Anyone can sit on a chair, and if the chair is large enough, they can sit down together....
September 29, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
As worldwide attention focuses on Apple's problem-riddled Maps app, another Apple miscue is about to be quietly put to rest. This month, Apple's iTunes music social network -- Ping -- began displaying a sign notifying users that the network was no longer accepting new users and will shut down Sunday. Ping's closing comes as little surprise. Apple plans to update iTunes next month and will integrate it with Facebook and Twitter, letting users "Like" and share songs, apps and other pieces of content.
September 14, 2012 | Sandy Banks
He's the younger brother of a girl I knew in elementary school in Cleveland. Until he friended me on Facebook a few years ago, we hadn't been in touch since Lyndon Johnson was battling Barry Goldwater for the presidency. So why was I surprised - and annoyed - when his recent status messages in my Facebook news feed featured a thumbs-up for "Things Liberals Hate," a snarky "NObama" meme, and a shout-out to the host of a fundraiser for Mitt Romney? Because Facebook has become a political battleground - with the civic pretension of a campaign town hall and the clumsy incivility of a brewing street brawl.
September 1, 2012 | Andrew Tangel
Wall Street investors aren't the only ones feeling the sting of Facebook Inc.'s falling stock: So are some of the country's troubled government pension funds. Public employee retirement funds from around the country took part in the Menlo Park, Calif., social networking juggernaut's May 18 initial public offering and plowed millions of dollars into Facebook stock before its value plunged. Facebook shares continued their decline Friday, falling $1.03, or 5.4%, to a record low of $18.06, or less than half their $38 offering price.
August 29, 2012 | By Jessica Guynn
Have you been wanting to take Google+ to work? Now's your chance. The search giant said Wednesday that it is folding features from Google+ into Google Apps, including Hangouts, the video chat service which can connect up to 10 peeps and can now be turned into a virtual meeting, albeit a small one. Google Apps is the software that Google hawks to companies and competes with Microsoft. Google is a bit of a laggard in social networking, which has already made a grand - - and potentially lucrative -- entrance into the business world.
August 6, 2012 | From Staff Reports
LONDON - If gymnast Olga Korbut were competing on the present-day world stage, no doubt there would be fierce debate on such pressing issues like hairstyle and makeup choices. You can just imagine this on Twitter: Aren't Korbut's pigtails untidy? Maybe the hashtags should be #frivilousitems and #lameconcerns. It has gotten truly silly when it comes to the debate about champion teen gymnast Gabby Douglas and her hair. Actually, it had gotten silly on Twitter and Facebook long before the start of the London Olympics.
July 25, 2012 | By Jessica Guynn
— After flopping on Wall Street, Facebook Inc. will get a chance this week to win over investors when it reports quarterly earnings for the first time as a public company. The social networking giant is under intense pressure to show its business model can deliver solid growth and profits for shareholders. The key will be how Facebook, criticized for having a weak mobile strategy, will adapt as its nearly 1 billion users migrate to smartphones and tablets. The Menlo Park company is expected to report Thursday second-quarter earnings of 12 cents a share on $1.1 billion of revenue.
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