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October 8, 1993
While I sympathize with Gloria Romero and her daughter as a result of the tragedy they endured ("Carjacking Robs a Child's Trust, and Much More," Commentary, Sept. 24), I believe her ignorance of the crucial factor behind the criminal behavior--the lack of personal responsibility--skews her proposal for eliminating the criminal threat. By suggesting that society is to blame because of its failure to deliver even more government handouts, Romero and others like her encourage criminal behavior by undermining the sanction society imposes on the criminally and morally culpable.
February 10, 1985 | Associated Press
Americans are more concerned about unemployment than they are about inflation, according to the American Council of Life Insurance. The Council's latest nationwide survey found that 58% of those asked believe society should work harder at solving unemployment, while 39% are more concerned about inflation.
August 21, 1988
We need a society that accepts the aging process and not one which denies the laws of nature. LORRAINE J. ROBERTS Santa Monica
August 22, 1986
Judith L. Poage has been elected president of the North County Chapter of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers.
November 4, 2013
Re "The key to a happy society," Column, Nov. 3 Well-being is more than feeling good about oneself, as Michael Hiltzik suggests. Personal happiness is hardly the most important measure of a satisfying life. What is the effect, for example, of being satisfied with our society and its values? How can we determine the price for treating one another well, for having faith in one another, or for being proud of our country and ourselves? I once read about a woman from a Scandinavian country who said about homelessness in the United States, "If there were people living on the streets in my city, I would feel personally ashamed.
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