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October 29, 2002 | Bettijane Levine, Times Staff Writer
The money world and the mommy world are sorely out of balance. There is no way to offer the care and nurturing most mothers would like to lavish on their children and yet maintain the paycheck that allows dignity, family and career to survive. Even for mothers who can afford it, there's no easy way to swap a career for a stay-at-home life to raise kids.
October 8, 1993
While I sympathize with Gloria Romero and her daughter as a result of the tragedy they endured ("Carjacking Robs a Child's Trust, and Much More," Commentary, Sept. 24), I believe her ignorance of the crucial factor behind the criminal behavior--the lack of personal responsibility--skews her proposal for eliminating the criminal threat. By suggesting that society is to blame because of its failure to deliver even more government handouts, Romero and others like her encourage criminal behavior by undermining the sanction society imposes on the criminally and morally culpable.
June 7, 1992
I am a retired teacher married to a physician. We have two sons who we are raising with high standards and values. I just had to let someone connected with TV know how offended and turned-off I am by "Murphy Brown" and Candice Bergen. In a society where the family unit is so needed, why can't shows depict a family like ours, instead of taking a major show and star and have her represent what our society has too much of? Cathy Lebovitz, San Diego
February 10, 1985 | Associated Press
Americans are more concerned about unemployment than they are about inflation, according to the American Council of Life Insurance. The Council's latest nationwide survey found that 58% of those asked believe society should work harder at solving unemployment, while 39% are more concerned about inflation.
August 21, 1988
We need a society that accepts the aging process and not one which denies the laws of nature. LORRAINE J. ROBERTS Santa Monica
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