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January 23, 2013
This is a test of the screencast software SnagIt.
January 21, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Research In Motion, which is expected to unveil two new phones next week, may at some point allow its BlackBerry software to run on devices made by other companies. In an interview with Die Welt , a German newspaper, RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said the Canadian cellphone company would be willing to consider licensing its mobile operating system to others in the industry. He called the idea "conceivable. " Another possibility that RIM isn't opposed at looking into would be selling its hardware production business, Heins told the German paper.
January 19, 2013 | By R. Daniel Foster
At its most basic level, a 3-D printer is like an automated hot-glue gun programmed to spit out solid objects. The machines extrude layers of plastic into virtually any three-dimensional shape. Print whimsical garden statuary. Reproduce an anatomically correct heart with moving parts for your son's science project (actually, he could do that himself). Create a signature bookend, cookie cutter, necklace - anything. The buzz within the design world is that most homes could have one of these gadgets within 10 years.
January 8, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS -- Mozilla, the nonprofit organization that brought the world the Firefox Web browser, has been working on a mobile operating system that is set to debut later this year. And we got a chance to look at it. Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann brought a developer phone running Firefox OS to Digital Experience, an event Monday night leading up to opening day of CES. Firefox OS looked pretty slick as Heilmann gave me a tour through the software. The interface is like a cross between Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system.
December 7, 2012 | By Christine Mai-Duc, Los Angeles Times
Tech pioneer John McAfee's deportation to Belize, where he is wanted for questioning in connection with a murder investigation, was delayed when he was hospitalized in Guatemala, according to the U.S. Embassy in that country. McAfee, 67, was arrested Wednesday in Guatemala City on suspicion of entering the country illegally. He had crossed the border with a 20-year-old girlfriend he calls Sam and two writers from Vice magazine in tow. He had been dodging Belize police for nearly a month after being named a person of interest in the shooting death of his neighbor Gregory Faull.
December 4, 2012 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Apple's iTunes 11 arrived last week, and with it a good number of changes, including an interface redesign. But one change you might not have noticed is the software's new logo. In iTunes 11, Apple has changed the color of the beamed eighth music notes from black to silver, matching up with the logo's existing outer border and with the design of the Mac App Store's logo. For comparison, here's the previous logo . This is a subtle change, but it's noteworthy considering it's the first time in more than two years since Apple has tinkered with the icon.
November 30, 2012 | Don Lee
The U.S. economy grew much faster in the third quarter than first estimated, but the latest government report laid bare the vulnerabilities for the recovery as politicians struggle to break the stalemate over government spending and tax policies. Although the nation's economic growth rate was revised to a more healthy 2.7% for the third quarter from the 2% pace initially estimated, the Commerce Department said consumer and business spending was softer than previously thought. Company spending on equipment and software fell for the first time since spring 2009.
November 21, 2012 | By Andrea Chang, Los Angeles Times
Could it get any worse for hobbling Hewlett-Packard Co.? HP's stock plummeted 12% on Tuesday to its lowest price in a decade after the company said it was writing off $8.8 billion because it was duped into overpaying for a British software maker. The surprise revelation came as HP reported another quarterly loss and gave a weak first-quarter outlook. "The magnitude of the charge is pretty enormous," said Jayson Noland, senior analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co. "It's really bad and it's really expensive and it's really distracting.
November 18, 2012 | By Alene Dawson, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Call it the democratization of the right to look fabulous. It used to be that only models and celebrities had the wherewithal, through the wizardry of professional airbrushing or digital alteration, to look younger, thinner, fitter and more beautiful in their photos than in real life. But new advances in relatively cheap photo retouching apps and computer software are making it astonishingly simple for anyone to look hot at the push of a button. Computer photo-retouching software options include Portrait Professional (, $29.95)
November 14, 2012 | By Laura J. Nelson, Los Angeles Times
In another twist to an already bizarre story, the founder of the McAfee anti-virus software company contacted an American journalist Tuesday to maintain his innocence and chronicle how he has been evading police. John McAfee, 67, has been missing since Sunday morning, when his next-door neighbor Gregory Faull, 52, was found dead in a pool of blood in a Belize beachfront home. On Tuesday, McAfee contacted Wired contributing editor Joshua Davis and said he's on the run, scared for his life - and did not commit murder.
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