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Sour Grapes

August 23, 2004
Re "After Crash Landing, American Gymnast Soars to Historic Gold," (Aug. 19): After Paul Hamm's amazing comeback in the men's all-round gymnastic competition, I find it sad to read about the poor sportsmanship displayed by Ioan Suciu of the Romanian team. He was quoted as saying, "The only thing I can say is that the USA got something more than it deserved." He was there and he knew that after Hamm's falter on vault it was anyone's competition to win or lose. Hamm, with nothing to lose, was in 12th place and decided to pull out all the stops.
November 11, 2011 | By Mark Olsen
Writer-director Alexandre Rockwell, maker of humane comedies like Sundance prize-winner "In the Soup," was one of the early leading lights of the American independent filmmaking scene, but he has long struggled to maintain his footing as a filmmaker. With "Pete Smalls Is Dead," he is still stumbling. A former screenwriter (Peter Dinklage) has his dog taken by loan sharks, and he returns to Los Angeles for the promise of quick money to help an old friend (Mark Boone Jr.) bury someone they both once knew.
October 26, 1999
Charles de Gaulle retired from French politics with the dismissive claim that "France is not worthy of me." Pat Buchanan, facing a third rejection in his quest for the Republican presidential nomination, has decided that the party no longer merits his loyalty. Like the Democratic Party, it has become "a fraud upon the nation," he said Monday in a statement overflowing with the sour grapes of wrath.
October 14, 2010 | By John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times
Kim Jong Eun, newly anointed as North Korea's next leader, is quickly learning one of the oldest axioms of power: Heavy lies the crown. Just days after tens of thousands cheered as the youngest son of Kim Jong Il stood on a podium with his ailing father at a lavish military parade in Pyongyang, bad press is already besieging the future ruler. In the first public signs of discord, Kim Jong Eun's older half-brother has questioned the family's hereditary transfer of power. Kim Jong Nam told Japan's TV Asahi that he is "against third-generation succession," adding , "I think there were internal factors.
October 30, 1986
I see that the sour grapes vendetta to smear South Pasadena Councilman Robert Wagner has surfaced again. The real reason is that Wagner opposed building a new City Hall on El Centro Street, something the voters agreed with in November, 1984, by a 63% vote. The council has the right to out-vote Wagner. But remember that in 1984 he defeated two opponents. RICHARD MULVIN South Pasadena
Tennis-shoe-sole designer Richie (Craig Bierko) and his brain surgeon cousin Evan (Steven Weber) are sitting at adjacent slot machines in an Atlantic City casino, doing what losers at the blackjack table often do, punishing themselves by getting rid of their pocket change. Richie is down to one quarter and asks Evan for the other two he needs to maximize his bet, and Evan obliges. "Here, go crazy," he says, turning over the two coins.
January 25, 1990 | GREG HERNANDEZ
Councilwoman Lyn Gillespie, whose term of office was extended from two years to four, Wednesday described as "sour grapes" a lawsuit that was filed trying to block the extension. Gillespie, 34, said the lawsuit filed by defeated 1988 council candidate Margie L. Rice and resident Grace Epperson has no merit and is merely a personal attack on her. The suit named Gillespie and three other members of the council.
December 28, 1992 | ROBERT ROSEN, Rosen is director, UCLA Film and Television Archive
Jeffrey Wells' article "A Bridge Rebuilt" (Nov. 21, Calendar) unintentionally or otherwise appears to put the Los Angeles Times into the pocket of a disgruntled, self-interested party. Focusing on Columbia Studio's restoration of "The Bridge on the River Kwai" that premiered at the UCLA Film and Television Archive on Nov. 22, Wells pivots his piece around allegations that the quality of the restoration was somehow compromised. The evidence for this judgment?
January 24, 1988 | Associated Press
It's boxes of sour grapes for boxes of ugly ties. Workers at a Montgomery radio station were eager to get rid of the grapes, collected to send to Syracuse football Coach Dick MacPherson in response to 2,000 ties sent to Auburn Coach Pat Dye by Syracuse fans upset that he decided to go for a tie in the Sugar Bowl. "It's getting pretty ripe in here," said Larry Stevens, general manager of WHHY, where the boxes of sour grapes were stacked for shipping today.
December 2, 1993 | STEVE HOCHMAN
Aimee Mann's concert at the Roxy on Monday was a virtual pop operetta about getting dumped. It was an evening of split-and-tell songs, starting with "50 Years After the Fair," from her recent album "Whatever," which serves metaphorically as a caustic caution to past, present and future lovers that this singer-songwriter may forgive, but she never forgets.
August 15, 2010
Schwarzenegger's report card Re "An amateur governor and the mess he's made," Opinion, Aug. 9 What is Sheila Kuehl's point when she writes that "there is no room for amateurism in government"? Ha ha ha ha ha. (Wiping tears from eyes.) Really?! Is that why she left government? Considering the total mess made by the so-called professional politicians in Sacramento, does professional politico Kuehl think circumstances would be better if we left things to the "pros"?
August 8, 2010 | By John Ibson
Steve and I have been together 32 years, yet after a recent trip to Vancouver, we're newlyweds. And while I'm a 66-year-old professor of American studies, this particular Canadian journey taught me fresh lessons about myself and my country. We had planned our trip as a vacation well before the idea of getting married occurred to us. If not exactly on a lark, we decided to marry largely because Canada allows it, feeling that the ritual and resulting status wouldn't move us much after so many good years in a union of our own devising.
March 18, 2010 | By Patrick Comiskey
To paraphrase Tolstoy (poorly): All happy wineries resemble one another; each unhappy winery is unhappy in its own way. As the economy continues to affect the California wine industry, there is a prevailing feeling of dread among industry analysts and producers; a recent report by Silicon Valley Bank, a major investor in vineyard properties, suggests that as many as 10 vineyards and wineries in the Napa Valley alone are likely to be sold under...
August 29, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
New Mexico's top federal prosecutor confirmed that no charges would be brought against Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson and his former top aides after an investigation of an alleged pay-to-play scheme prompted him to withdraw his nomination as U.S. Commerce secretary. But U.S. Atty. Greg Fouratt said the decision not to bring charges was "not to be interpreted as an exoneration of any party's conduct." In a letter sent to defense attorneys, Fouratt said a yearlong federal investigation "revealed that pressure from the governor's office resulted in the corruption of the procurement process" so that state bond deal work went to a Richardson political donor in 2004.
May 11, 2008
Re "California wine? Down the drain," Opinion, May 5 Alice Feiring claims that "today's California wines are overblown, over-alcoholed, over-oaked, overpriced and over-manipulated," and she lays the blame on wineries' desire to please the critics. Perhaps Feiring doesn't know that there are almost 3,000 wineries in California today, according to the Wine Business Monthly. In addition, there are about 100 different American viticultural areas in California representing distinct grape-growing areas.
January 27, 2008 | From the Associated Press
MIAMI -- Don Shula revisited Spygate on Friday, saying his earlier criticism of the New England Patriots was ill-advised. "I'm probably not the guy that should have said it," he said. Shula coached the 1972 Miami Dolphins to the NFL's only perfect season. New England will finish 19-0 if it beats the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. In November, Shula said the Patriots' success was diminished by the spying scandal that prompted stiff punishment from the NFL early in the season.
February 14, 2003 | Gregg Jones, Times Staff Writer
Gov. Gray Davis on Thursday dismissed a threatened recall campaign aimed at removing him from office as "partisan mischief" by "a handful of right-wing politicians." The governor's comments came in a formal filing with California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley in response to a recall campaign announced last week by Sacramento anti-tax activist Ted Costa and outgoing state Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel.
May 14, 1992 | RICH ROBERTS
New Zealand syndicate charged after it was eliminated that Americac,63 and Il Moro di Venezia have been using illegal drag-reducing finishes on their hulls but that the official measurers were ignoring it. Chief measurer Ken McAlpine said, "First, the Kiwis were eliminated before this issue was raised. Second, they've known about this since October of last year.
April 21, 2007
Talk about sour grapes, bad sportsmanship and a grumpy old man. Your ex-sports editor should put down his pencil and just fade away ["An Olympic bid where fresh is flat," April 17]. Is Bill Dwyre's crybaby approach what we want to teach our kids? ALVIN MILDER Los Angeles There, there, old fellow. Take my hanky and dry your tears. Sometimes things look far worse than they are. Losing host city bid status should hurt no more than seeing the departure of a high-maintenance wife you really didn't like anymore.
June 24, 2006
OF course we in Los Angeles are disappointed the exquisite Klimt painting of Adele Bloch-Bauer is going to New York. But disappointment does not excuse Christopher Reynolds (and The Times) for his odd choice of words concerning the sale -- saying the family "peddled" the painting ["Yours for a Price," June 21]. It is a curious and unfortunate choice of words to use for actions of a Jewish family. Moreover, no peddler ever made multiple millions on a sale. Sour grapes, yes; vague racial slurs, no. Disappointment doesn't excuse such unpleasantness.
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