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Southeast Asian Games

May 22, 1993
Marina High School gymnasts Deborah Mink and Susie Erickson and teammates Amy Young and Katie Antolin will lead SCATS Gymnastics when the Huntington Beach-based team takes on the Philippine national team in a dual meet at 7 tonight in Huntington Beach. The Philippines, defending champion of the Southeast Asian Games, requested the meet against SCATS to prepare the team for its title defense next month in Singapore. Tickets are $7.50 for adults, $5 for children, and are available at the door.
September 15, 2000 | Associated Press
Not long ago, Victor Ramos was on the run in jungle-swathed hills, hunted by marauding militiamen who had marked him and his family for death. Today, he'll be carrying the Olympic flag and heading the team from East Timor as it marches into the main stadium just ahead of host Australia to begin the Sydney Games. "We'll definitely be there," said team leader Frank Fowlie on the eve of the opening ceremony.
The race to get here was in question, but the result of the meet never was. SCATS Gymnastics, which played host to a dual meet with the Philippine national team Saturday night, easily handled the visitors 184.975 to 176.50. The top three all-around honors went to SCATS gymnasts. Katie Antolin, with 37.635 points, won the meet, dubbed the Surf City International, with teammates Amy Young (37.175) and Debra Mink (36.575) placing second and third.
November 1, 1997 | MAL FLORENCE
Water or some type of health drink is usually preferred by runners after a tough workout or race. But an Indonesian marathoner has a unique thirst quencher: She sucks her trainer's blood. "The first time she bit my finger was in 1991," trainer Alwi Mugiyanto said of Ruwiyati, a gold medalist in the recent Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta. Mugiyanto said she does it after every race now.
December 2, 1991 | JERRY CROWE
In a guest column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, former sportswriter Myron Cope, now a radio-TV personality in Pittsburgh, recalled with fondness his memories of going to camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Just last year, in the company of eight or nine camp types, I descended into a rathskeller in the nearby village of Youngstown, Pa.," Cope wrote. "Pounding music and shoulder-to-shoulder bodies told me the evening would be eventful.
October 29, 1997 | From Staff and Wire Reports
The chief organizer of next year's Nagano Olympics has threatened to resign after a bitter disagreement over the showpiece event of the Winter Games--the men's Alpine skiing downhill, Olympic sources said Tuesday. Makoto Kobayashi, the director-general of the Nagano Organizing Committee, disagrees with international skiing officials who want to keep the Games from staging one of the shortest downhill races in history.
February 18, 2008 | Kevin Baxter, Times Staff Writer
The baseball ground rules are different in Cambodia. A ball hit off the water buffaloes grazing in the outfield is in play, but a ball lost in the adjoining rice paddy is not. And timeout must be called whenever a motorcycle approaches on the dirt road that cuts through the outfield. "You can't put it in perspective with words," said Jim Small, managing director for Major League Baseball's operations in Asia. "You just need to see it." But even then you can't always believe what you're seeing.
April 27, 2003 | From Associated Press
For years, Olympic swimmer Catherine Mai Lan Fox put a desire to compete ahead of the dream to explore her Vietnamese roots. When she dived gracefully into a weathered concrete pool in this town north of Hanoi, she realized she had combined both ambitions. Fox, 25, has hungered to visit her mother's native land since she was a child, but a rigorous training regimen always prevented her -- until now. The two-time U.S.
December 3, 1997 | LON EUBANKS
The Cal State Fullerton women's gymnastics team is going to get a quick transfusion of talent before opening the season in January. "It's like a great early Christmas present," Titan Coach Lynn Rogers said. Rogers and associate head coach Julie Knight have been hoping that everything would work out for Tammy De la Cruz, one of the top gymnasts in the Philippines, to enroll at Fullerton and be eligible for this season. And it has. "We're delighted," Rogers said.
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