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Southern California Edison Co

June 28, 1991 | LISA MASCARO
Anaheim and Southern California Edison Co. this week settled a series of lawsuits that resulted in $3.9 million being awarded to the city. The four lawsuits, filed in 1985 and 1986, involved disputes over the city's right to buy power from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the rates Edison charges for electrical power sold to the city. The lawsuits also involved the city of Riverside, which was sued by Edison and then joined Anaheim in suing the utility company.
August 27, 1988
A plan to cut smog in Los Angeles by supplying the area with more natural gas to power electric generators has been approved by the state Public Utilities Commission. The PUC approved an emergency order allowing Southern California Edison Co. to purchase natural gas at higher than previously allowed prices. This will allow Edison to use cleaner-burning gas in its generators instead of low sulfur oil that emits a greater amount of pollutants.
June 15, 1988
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has levied a $150,000 fine against Southern California Edison Co. for violations of safety requirements at the San Onofre nuclear power plant. The utility company said it will pay the penalty without protest and is in the process of correcting the "environmental qualification" violations in secondary support equipment and safety related equipment at the plant's Unit 1 reactor.
March 10, 1988
The average residential customer of Southern California Edison Co. will have to pay an extra 8.5 cents per month beginning later this year to cover part of Edison's investment in a nuclear plant in Arizona, the state Public Utilities Commission said Wednesday. The increase represents the first in a scheduled 10-year phase-in of rates to recover most of the utility's investment in Unit 3 of the Palo Verde nuclear plant.
July 7, 1988
A Carson man faces two felony charges that he stole as much as $2,000 worth of electricity from Southern California Edison Co., which is cracking down on customers who do not pay for power. Jesse Bean, 27, a refrigerator installer, was charged in South Bay Municipal Court with one count of tampering with electric lines and one count of stealing electricity. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison.
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