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January 11, 1987 | CHRIS COBBS, Times Staff Writer
While the rest of the college football world frets over such fluffy matters as a playoff system, drug tests and the Boz, folks here are preoccupied with a real stomach-churning issue--capital punishment. Southern Methodist University, the most flagrant sinner in college sports, is being fitted for a noose. The institution that gave football Doak Walker, Don Meredith and Eric Dickerson is facing the athletic equivalent of the death penalty, a two-year suspension from football competition.
April 25, 2013 | By Molly Hennessy-Fiske
  DALLAS -- Wiping away a tear, former President George W. Bush on Thursday dedicated the library, museum and policy center that bear his name. “Oh, happy day,” Bush told the crowd of about 8,000 in the bright Texas sunshine at the campus of Southern Methodist University, home of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. He recited his administration's successes, especially in rallying the nation after the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. “I dedicate this library with an unshakable faith in the future of our country,” Bush said, noting that he had “the honor of a lifetime to lead a country as brave and as noble as the United States.
July 15, 1994
A. Kenneth Pye, 62, former president of Southern Methodist University who restored the credibility of the school's football program. Pye retired last month from SMU where he had taken over in 1987, six months after the NCAA banned the Mustangs for chronic violations. Those violations included payments to players from boosters, sometimes known to trustees including former Gov. Bill Clements.
April 20, 2013 | Christopher Hawthorne, Los Angeles Times Architecture Critic
DALLAS - What do neo-classicism and neo-conservatism have in common? That's the question at the heart of the design by New York's Robert A.M. Stern Architects for the George W. Bush presidential library, set to open to the public May 1 on the campus of Southern Methodist University. The $250-million complex holds the president's archive as well as a museum, restaurant, auditorium, policy institute and foundation. Officially known as the George W. Bush Presidential Center, it is carefully and cannily contextual, like much of Stern's work.
There is every reason to be skeptical of Southern Methodist University offering Mac McKinnie a football scholarship. He goes to a school, Chadwick, that has 278 high school students and plays a curious form of football, eight-man, that would worry most recruiters. But when the 6-foot-5, 220-pound McKinnie stands up and offers a muscular right hand, the idea no longer seems absurd.
They were throwing passes and breaking records like crazy Saturday in the Astrodome, which may need a new name in honor of University of Houston quarterback Andre Ware. The Warehouse? Although Ware played only the first half in Houston's 95-21 Southwest Conference victory over Southern Methodist, he passed for 517 yards, a National Collegiate Athletic Assn. record for a half, and helped the Cougars reach another remarkable NCAA milestone--1,021 yards of total offense.
August 16, 1988
Dave Wollman, an assistant track and field coach at Stanford since 1982, has been named head track and field coach for the men's and women's teams at Southern Methodist University.
June 24, 1994 | Reuters
Southern Methodist University on Thursday began searching for a new president after A. Kenneth Pye resigned because he has inoperable cancer. Pye, 62, resigned Wednesday as the ninth president of the private university.
May 4, 2009 | JERRY CROWE
At the time of his famous father's unusually public death, Aaron Stewart was 10 years old, a fifth-grader. "I was in class and I got called into the principal's office," Payne Stewart's only son recalls of that nightmarish moment nearly a decade ago. "I thought I was in trouble." If only it had been so. Instead, he soon learned what millions of television viewers already knew: His father, one of golf's most recognizable figures and winner of three major championships, was gone. It was Oct.
January 19, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
A group of Methodist ministers from across the nation launched an online petition drive urging Southern Methodist University in Dallas to stop trying to land George W. Bush's presidential library. The petition says that "as United Methodists, we believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate."
December 23, 2006 | Lianne Hart, Times Staff Writer
Southern Methodist University has all but won the competition to host the George W. Bush presidential library, with officials announcing this week that the school will be the "sole focus" of talks next month. That means the two other finalists -- Baylor University and the University of Dallas -- will wait on the sidelines as the selection committee enters what Chairman Don Evans in a statement called the "next phase of deliberations." A final decision may come in late January or early February.
December 3, 2006 | Veronique de Turenne, Veronique de Turenne is the book critic for National Public Radio's "Day to Day."
SOME guys just can't win. At least not in "My Chaos Theory," Steve Watkins' intriguing and exasperating debut short-story collection. The 12 tales range from the darkly comic to the just plain dark, each with boys and men as their protagonists, though who's the grown-up isn't necessarily a matter of age. They're dopes and dopers, wannabe saints, willful sinners, clueless dreamers and ne'er-do-wells.
August 14, 2006 | Thomas McGonigle, Special to The Times
ALTHOUGH 700 pages seems awfully long for a novel with an obscure title by a relatively unknown author of four works of well-received fiction, by the time you finish reading "Tehano," you will be wondering why it was so short. Set in Texas before, during and after the Civil War -- although by no means limited to that geography -- this massive novel was defiantly conceived, as author Allen Wier states in the prologue: "Most folks are hooked on the here and now.
September 25, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Southern Methodist University shut down a bake sale in which cookies were offered for sale at different prices, depending on the buyer's race or gender. The sale was organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas, who said it was intended as a protest of affirmative action as a factor in admissions. A sign said white males had to pay $1 per cookie. The price was 75 cents for white women, 50 cents for Latinos and 25 cents for blacks.
October 20, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Police at Southern Methodist University in Dallas say they found a methamphetamine lab in a music practice room. The drug lab was found Thursday, a day after students returned from fall break. The lab was in a fine arts center with offices, classrooms and practice rooms. It's open to the public until being locked at night, a police official said.
December 22, 2001 | Religion News Service and Associated Press
Southern Methodist University students in Paula Lemmon's Latin classes have been counting the days until Christmas, using a twist on the conventional Advent calendar. This one is posted on the Internet. Instead of a treat hiding behind a little paper door, browsers are rewarded each day with a newly available Christmas image from a 13th century illuminated manuscript, plus a Bible verse translated from Latin into English.
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