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December 14, 2004 | From Associated Press
International resentment of the Bush administration apparently has spilled over to include bad feelings about Americans -- at least in three European countries that opposed U.S. policies in Iraq. People in France, Germany and Spain are more likely to have an unfavorable than favorable view of Americans, Associated Press polls found. Just over half the respondents in France and Germany said they viewed Americans unfavorably.
November 20, 2000 | From Associated Press
He became Western Europe's longest reigning dictator this century, ruling Spain with an iron fist after unleashing one of the continent's bitterest civil wars. Twenty-five years after Gen. Francisco Franco's death, the small size of the gatherings at memorial ceremonies in and around Madrid this weekend was further testimony that the vast majority of Spaniards have no desire to cherish his memory.
May 6, 1985 | STANLEY MEISLER, Times Staff Writer
Thousands of Spaniards, led by leftists and pacifists, marched through the streets of Madrid on Sunday in a high-spirited protest against President Reagan's visit starting here today. Alternately chanting, "No to NATO, bases out!" and "Cowboy Reagan, fascist gunslinger!" most of the marchers here in the capital seemed in a Sunday picnic mood on a clear, cool sunlit morning only a day before the President's arrival. There were exceptions.
August 20, 2006 | Daniel Woolls, Associated Press Writer
Driving in Spain is anything but dull. Motorists tailgate at 80 mph, switch lanes abruptly to grab a car-length edge and double park as if the world were one big garage. But a strict new penalty system is curbing Spaniards' roguish behavior behind the wheel, at least for now. Car-clogged streets and highways -- symbols of Spain's transformation from backwater to dynamo in one generation -- are no longer playgrounds for speedsters.
September 17, 1997 | REGINA HONG
Taking care to stay within the lines, Martiza Ahumada lightly colored in the eagle with a fat, brown crayon. After cutting her paper eagle perched above a cactus and pasting it on crisp, white paper sandwiched by broad green and red stripes, voila--the 6-year-old had constructed a Mexican flag. For Martiza and her fellow students in a first-grade class at Campus Canyon Elementary School in Moorpark, Tuesday's art project was a colorful way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.
August 24, 1986 | Peter Wyden, Wyden's narrative history, "The Passionate War," is available in Simon & Schuster/Touchstone paperback. and
Ihave been feeling profoundly sad for Spaniards since I spent time among them in the early 1980s researching my book on the forgotten, passionate and pointless conflict that erupted 50 years ago this summer, the Spanish Civil War. They seemed so fierce, so depressed in their sunshiny tourist scenery; so backward, off anchor from the rest of Europe; so traumatized by all authority. Little wonder. From 1936 to 1975, they were subjects of Gen.
April 20, 1986 | BEVERLY BEYER and ED RABEY, Beyer and Rabey are Los Angeles travel writers.
Montezuma II made what proved to be a fatal mistake when he assumed that the strange white creatures who landed on this Yucatan island in 1518 were the legendary plumed serpent god Quetzalcoatl, and his coterie of lesser Aztec deities, even sending food and gifts to the invaders as tribute. The "gods" were Spaniards under Capt.
September 15, 1986 | From Reuters
Deputy Prime Minister Alfonso Guerra led tens of thousands of Spaniards in an all-party march here Sunday against the Chilean government of President Augusto Pinochet. Several Socialist government ministers marched alongside Communist Party leader Gerardo Iglesias and trade union chiefs behind a banner reading "Freedom for Chile." Pinochet imposed a state of siege after escaping an assassination attempt last Sunday as he traveled in a motorcade outside Santiago. Five bodyguards were killed.
February 18, 1986
At least 65,000 people in Barcelona and thousands more in other Spanish cities conducted simultaneous demonstrations, organized by the Pro-Peace Committee, to demand that the Socialist government take Spain out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Demonstrators throwing stones and eggs smashed windows at the U.S. Consulate in Barcelona. Six police officers were injured and eight protesters were arrested, police said. Spain has been part of NATO since 1982.
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