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Sparkling Wine

December 29, 2004 | S. Irene Virbila
Previsionistes (that's what my Paris friend Luis calls those who anticipate the future) should have a few bottles of bubbly already tucked away -- for the new year, or any other suitable occasion. Those who do not, which is quite possibly most of us, should go shopping. Now. Don't wait for New Year's Eve when wine clerks' patience is running short and stocks are depleted. Here are a few to hunt down to ring in the new year or keep on hand for that unforeseen something to celebrate.
June 14, 2012
Re "Would rail project foul the air?," June 11 Where did America go? Where is the drive to build much needed infrastructure that creates jobs? It worked after the Great Depression. Regarding California's bullet train, you can continue to look for reasons not to build it, but that's not what made this country great. Once upon a time, California would not have thought twice about moving this project forward. Now you can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone who is trying to stall it. Yes, the environment will be affected slightly while the system is built.
It's the bubbly season. Almost half of all sparkling wine sold in the United States is sold in the final three months of the year. In a recession, however, quality sparkling wine is a luxury few can afford. The best, meaning French Champagne, is terribly expensive, in part because of the weak U.S. dollar. Can you celebrate with $6 sparkling wine instead of Champagne? The Los Angeles Times tasting panel tried to determine that by blind tasting a range of sparkling wines designated "brut."
November 27, 1988 | ROBERT LAWRENCE BALZER
WHEN IT COMES to wine making, Mendocino County's fine reputation continues to expand. John Parducci's stalwart pioneering of quality wine; the Fetzers; the newcomer, Jepson Vineyards; plus a few small wineries such as Husch, Navarro, Lazy Creek, Handley Cellars, Christine Woods and Greenwood Ridge all are contributing to the growing reputation of Mendocino County and the Anderson Valley in premier wine-making circles.
New Year's Eve almost always means headaches the next morning. But it is possible to imbibe without the consequences. Now that the state of California considers you legally drunk with a .08% blood alcohol level, it's prudent to consider some of the following suggestions. --Nonalcoholic Beer: The technology to make these is improving and now a number of excellent ones exist. My favorites are Firestone from Santa Barbara and Clausthaler from Germany.
Wine is a great stimulus of conversation, which is why I like being told I'm wrong about a wine. The discussion nearly always leads to better understanding--for one or the other of us. The fact is, you can't be wrong about what you like. If you like sweet red wine from Macedonia, fine--enjoy. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm not going to tell you you're wrong to like it.
December 15, 1988 | DAN BERGER, Times Wine Writer
Time was, when an American President dined with a foreign head of state, the wine they toasted each other with would be Champagne from France. French Champagne is known worldwide as an exceptional beverage, not to mention good for smashing against bows of new boats, celebrating graduations or even cementing East-West agreements. But things change.
November 14, 2007
  Total time: 25 minutes plus cooling time Servings: Makes 2 1/2 cups syrup Note: From Regina Schrambling. This is bracing as a substitute for crème de cassis in a kir royale before dinner (use demi-sec Champagne or a fruity Prosecco), or as a top-off for sparkling cider or even club soda. It will thicken and turn gelatinous as it sits, so make it fairly soon before using, or make it ahead, then reheat it and let it cool again on Thanksgiving. 1 cup sugar 10 white cardamom pods, crushed in a mortar and pestle 1 (1-inch)
June 6, 2007 | Jenn Garbee, Special to The Times
ORDER the cocktail called the Refresher at Rustic Canyon restaurant in Santa Monica and the bartender pours freshly squeezed juice into a glass, pops open an icy cold bottle of Prosecco and tops the juice off with the Italian sparkler. So far, so familiar, right? A little fruit juice, a little bubbly -- and you have a Prosecco cocktail. But the juice at Rustic Canyon is cucumber juice and the glass is a rocks glass.
January 23, 1986 | NATHAN CHROMAN, Chroman is a free-lance wine writer and author who also practices law in Beverly Hills
Not wanting to be bound by traditional matchups of white wine with fish and red wine with meat, chefs Maurice Toulemon of the University Club and Century Plaza executive chef Raimund Hofmeister worked for at least a year on unusual wine and food matchups for a recent Les Amis d'Escoffier Society Dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel. The annual dinner honored the memory of the late Auguste Escoffier, generally considered the "king of chefs."
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