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July 3, 1987
I hope other people have noticed the 70-m.p.h. tailgating truck drivers on the Ventura Freeway. They tailgate within 10 feet of the car in front of them. If it's intended to frighten the average driver, it certainly succeeds. In past years much of the freight in California was carried by our railroads. Rail freight is slowly being put out of business, and now, most freight is being carried by these speeding, tailgating truck drivers. It scares the daylights out of me! Am I the only one?
June 3, 2004
Re "CHP May Get to Hire 270 Officers," June 1: I am glad to read that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to fill some or all of the vacant California Highway Patrol positions, perhaps hiring as many as 270 officers. I have a better idea: Hire even more and put them out on our freeways writing citations to all drivers who flagrantly disregard our traffic laws by speeding, tailgating and weaving through traffic lanes. Not only would this make our highways safer and reduce gasoline consumption (as average speed is reduced)
April 14, 1991
Thank you for Jube Shiver's informative article, "Battling Over Limited Water Rights" (March 26). As I've sat on many a freeway "speeding along" at 5 m.p.h. and gazing at desert hillsides being raped by developers' bulldozers many concerns come to mind: Where are they going to get the water? Will each home have automatic lawn sprinklers that go on even if it's raining? County building departments check out developers' plans and take into consideration grading design to cope with the famous "100-year flood."
April 25, 1989
Three Studio City children Monday presented Los Angeles police with two gift-wrapped radar guns, purchased with some loose change from the youngsters' allowances and nearly $1,600 from residents concerned about speeding motorists in their hillside neighborhood, organizers of the event said. Joseph T. Rinella said he got the idea for the gift because speeding cars made it unsafe for his son, Ryan, 8, to ride a bicycle on neighborhood streets. Ryan Rinella donated two weeks' worth of allowances--totaling $10--to help pay for the guns, his father said.
July 14, 1996
Re "Foothill Tollway Revenue Falling Below Estimates," June 24: My family and some of my neighbors avoid using the Foothill Tollway because of speeding tickets issued by the overaggressive California Highway Patrol. The nearly empty divided highway should have the maximum speed limit increased to 70 mph until such time that traffic becomes a safety issue. In the meantime, I will use Interstate 5, which is posted at 65 mph and is greatly improved with the recent overhaul of the El Toro Y. WATSON KILBOURNE Coto de Caza Interesting article concerning revenue for the Foothill Tollway.
June 20, 2001
After waiting several hours in the hot Los Angeles sun to see the Lakers (June 19), fans saw nothing but balls flung at them from several speeding buses. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought I was in the movie "Speed." The Lakers parade was a very disappointing experience. Erika Gallo Los Angeles I'd like to know who marketed those purple bugles that we've heard continuously around downtown for the Lakers festivities. I'd like to tape him to a pole and have those kids play him a symphony!
May 7, 1989
A motorist died after he slammed his speeding car into the rear of a truck on the San Diego Freeway early Saturday and became trapped as the car caught fire. The man was driving south on the freeway near Seal Beach Boulevard in a 1981 Dodge station wagon about 4:40 a.m. when he ran into an International Harvester truck driven by Dennis Sam, 38, of Long Beach. Sam was unhurt. Sgt. Don Hulen of the California Highway Patrol said that the victim, described as "in his 50s," was driving at a "high rate" of speed when his car hit the truck.
September 2, 1988 | RONALD B. TAYLOR, Times Staff Writer
The California Highway Patrol's nine airplanes will be flying over Interstate 5 this Labor Day weekend as part of a "high-visibility" crackdown on traffic violators from the Mexican border north to Oregon. Working closely with ground units, the air patrols will start this afternoon and will be watching both auto and truck traffic through Monday night. If past performance is any measure, it will be the truckers who get the most speeding tickets, according to CHP officials.
March 19, 2002
Regarding Al Martinez's column on "Walls of Shame" (Feb. 26): Mr. Martinez, I am one of those white South Pasadenans about whom you write. I don't know how Charles Erickson knows that the barrier at Alpha Street was racist, but he should be informed that it was erected by Los Angeles, not South Pasadena. As for speeding cars, they are a problem here and everywhere. Via Del Rey resembles a boulevard, not a city street, and is therefore conducive to speeding. Fighting the inroads of heavy traffic is not unique to South Pasadena.
September 17, 1988
A Pasadena Municipal Court commissioner Friday dismissed more than 1,200 speeding tickets given motorists caught by the city's controversial photo radar. The order from Commissioner Kevil Martin still leaves unresolved the fate of about 900 motorists who have already paid their fines or applied for traffic school.
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