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August 17, 2012 | By Richard Simon
WASHINGTON - So far, congressional efforts to put the brakes on military sponsorship of NASCAR races, bass fishing, pro wrestling and other sporting events have gone nowhere. But the effort could gain new life as pressure builds for lawmakers to rein in federal spending.  The military, which regards its sponsorship of sporting events as a valuable recruiting tool, is expected to spend at least $80 million this year on such efforts. But a growing number of lawmakers say the spending should stop in the face of budget deficits.
July 6, 2006
The promotional tie-ins with phone services, cable channels, websites, sports leagues, retail stores, etc., might dilute the music's spirit of rebellion, but those are the kind of connections that have kept the Vans Warped Tour the most reasonably priced -- and therefore longest-lasting and most successful -- of the recurring summer rock mobilizations.
November 27, 2003 | From Bloomberg News
K2 Inc., the maker of Rawlings sporting goods and Shakespeare fishing equipment, agreed to buy Fotoball USA Inc. for $17.2 million in stock, to add sports souvenirs such as bobble-head dolls, balls and bats. The transaction values each Fotoball share at $4.37, or 9.8% more than Tuesday's closing price of $3.98. K2 also will acquire $704,000 in Fotoball debt, bringing the total purchase price to $17.9 million, Fotoball Chief Financial Officer Thomas Hillebrandt said.
September 4, 2013
Re "A game changer," Aug. 31 AB 1309, the bill in California that would drastically limit professional sports leagues' liability for workers' compensation claims, seemed to make sense until I read this fact buried deep in the article: that out-of-state athletes have accounted for only one-half of 1% of all workers' comp filings since 2006. These claims are paid with taxpayer money, and under AB 1309, out-of-state workers in other professions would still be eligible to file claims in California.
November 1, 2013 | By Joe Flint
Acting Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn is not taking it easy during her final days as head of the regulatory agency. On Friday, Clyburn circulated a proposal to do away with the 40-year-old sports blackout rules, which allow the National Football League to blackout television coverage of games in a team's home market if it isn't sold out within 72 hours of kickoff. “Changes in the marketplace have raised questions about whether these rules are still in the public interest, particularly at a time when high ticket prices and the economy make it difficult for many sports fans to attend games," Clyburn said in a statement.
April 7, 2014 | By Gary Klein
The ball teetered on the lip of the 16th hole at Augusta National Golf Club. It was 2005, and after Tiger Woods' now-famous chip shot fell in for a birdie and Woods went on to win the Masters for the fourth time, Jim Michaelian made a decision. With Woods' popularity and Tiger-driven television ratings soaring, Michaelian was convinced that the annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach should not be run on the same day that the winner of a golf major was being fitted for a green jacket.
November 30, 2003 | Associated Press
Sports vs. church: It's become the Sunday morning dilemma in homes across the nation. With weekend sports leagues growing in popularity, schedules have stretched further into those hours that were once the exclusive domain of churches. Now, clergy of many faiths are pushing back, asking coaches and time-starved parents to keep Sunday morning holy, even if it means their children's teams have to play some other time.
July 1, 2013 | By Jon Healey
Leading congressional Republicans are trying to stop professional sports leagues from encouraging Americans without health insurance to sign up for coverage. Why? Because that would further entrench a law -- the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare -- they're still trying to repeal. Granted, I support the Affordable Care Act, as flawed as it may be. But the GOP's actions still strike me as cutting off one's constituents to spite the president. The law's new insurance regulations and premium subsidies are hugely beneficial to those who've been red-lined or priced out of the private insurance market.
June 18, 2013 | Staff and wire reports
For the city of San Jose, four years of waiting had been long enough. The city filed an antitrust lawsuit against Major League Baseball on Tuesday, not necessarily to win in court but to gain leverage for a settlement in which the Oakland Athletics could move to San Jose. "All we're looking for is for the A's to come to downtown San Jose," said Joe Cotchett , the attorney representing San Jose. The suit laid bare the hostility between the city of San Jose and the San Francisco Giants, the team that has insisted it would neither surrender nor sell its right to keep the A's out of San Jose.
At 71, Dennis Murphy doesn't need the aggravation any longer. But there was the Fullerton businessman last weekend at a hotel in Los Angeles, trying to persuade a group of wary executives to grant a second chance to a professional sport he had dreamed up one day after watching a couple kids on in-line skates swat a rubber ball around their driveway with a stick.
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