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December 28, 2011 | Chris Erskine
Museum: a word that produces its own dust. The institutions are not without importance, of course, but who are we kidding? Many museums can also be interminable — like Ashton Kutcher movies, or Patti LaBelle renditions of the national anthem. Oddly, one of L.A.'s most fetching museums is a dirty little secret, in an industrial area east of the Coliseum, the kind of place God hides the things he flubbed. The Sports Museum of Los Angeles opened in 2008, closed in 2009 and now is open only for special tours or charity events.
July 5, 2011 | Chris Erskine
The variety of summer activities — now playing in camps, clinics and tourneys — is a further reminder that the days of three major sports are over. There is, seemingly, a sport for every kid and temperament. For the cerebral, there is cross-country. For the anti-cerebral, there is football. For the old-schoolers, there is baseball. For the new-schoolers, there is lacrosse. For the jumpy, there is volleyball. For the ironic, surfing. Ironically, I have never surfed myself, yet I find myself down here in Huntington Beach, mecca of the sport, actually mecca of every sport.
September 4, 2010 | Grahame L. Jones, On Soccer
Sometime on Monday, an aircraft will touch down in the United States and from it will emerge a shaggy-haired, 49-year-old former journalist from Chile by the unlikely name of Harold Mayne-Nicholls. That's when the latest round of fawning will begin. Things have gone pretty well for Mayne-Nicholls since the days when he was scribbling reports on various doings in Santiago, Valparaiso and elsewhere. These days he glories in being not only president of the Chilean soccer federation but also a fast-rising FIFA suit.
March 26, 1995
Re "The Truth Shall Set You Free," (Feb. 28): What do the late Arthur Ashe, Magic Johnson and Greg Louganis have in common? They have all been celebrated male athletes with HIV. There are vast differences however, between the way the media and our society reacted to each man's public disclosure of his HIV status. Ashe and Johnson were greeted with deep shock and sadness. Hero and courageous were (words) used in abundance. Ashe, who has since succumbed to AIDS, was talked about as an "innocent victim" because he acquired the virus through a blood transfusion.
August 24, 1985
If Georgia Frontiere has the guts to let Eric Dickerson sit it out, the fans are behind her. It may make believers out of others who think they are God's gift to the sports world. Wait and see how many of his teammates run interference for him in the unemployment line. JOHN JENKINS Burbank
January 20, 2001
I was horrified at reading the Jan. 16 article on Rae Carruth, but it did not overshadow the joy I felt for Garrett Willis, who won the Tucson Open in his first event as a member of the PGA Tour. All sports fans should remember that there are many more Garrett Willises in the sports world than Rae Carruths. MATTHEW KERSTER Redondo Beach
December 2, 1995
Bill Plaschke's moving article on the life and passing of Houston's Bill (Mojo) Lackey was a special Thanksgiving treat. In a sports world filled with overblown egos, trash talking and misplaced hero worship, Mojo's story is a breath of fresh air. It's a reminder that a person's worth is measured by the size of his heart, not his wallet. JON LEONOUDAKIS West Hills
December 24, 1988
How many times has Jim Murray put readers into the shoes of the mighty and not-so-mighty in the sports world? Many. Many. And now he puts the reader so succinctly in the place of shoeless Ram kicker, Mike Lansford (Dec. 13). No small feat. While the almost aside reference to Bob Waterfield would be a choice bit in any other column, it is routine Murray. Kudos. SHELDON KRONFELD San Diego
October 19, 1985
I slip into my seat with two out in the bottom of the third, dash out late in the seventh with the score tied, and turn a mean profit selling my playoff and World Series tickets to legalized scalpers. Who am I? I am the ultimate embarrassment to the sports world--the Los Angeles Dodger season-ticket holder. J. S. JOHNSON Manhattan Beach
February 4, 1989
A tip of my Alan Alda MASH cap to Mike Downey for showing the courage to take on those so-called "sports" magazines and their sexist swimsuit issues. Who knows the devastation caused to the sports world by these misguided magazines? I can't begin to describe the disappointment I feel when I turn the page and get a picture of Kim Alexis running on the beach in a bikini. . . . If he wants to be a magazine critic, Downey should switch to the Calendar section. BILL MILLER Mission Viejo
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