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January 31, 1996
This pertains to elderly and disabled people who are on Social Security and who get SSI as well. At one time, the state of California raised SSI every time the federal government raised Social Security and by the same percentage. Then, one year, the state did not raise SSI. Since that time, the state has decreased SSI every year until the state's portion is about $120 less per month than it was in 1990. The reason given for this has been that the government must live within its income.
While thunder on the right reverberated through the state Senate, Republicans in the Assembly staged their own show of strength Thursday, orchestrating lower house passage of $100 million in tax breaks for businesses and individuals. Buoyed by new conservative leadership in both houses, Assembly tax-cutters dominated debate and controlled the votes as measures passed that would lower taxes for airlines, military veterans and new and old industries.
March 26, 1995
Robert Oliphant's argument for having all lower-division teaching concentrated in the community colleges ("Eliminating the Lower Divisions," March 19) does have one serious flaw. His proposal might indeed benefit students and taxpayers alike were it not for the fact that the same financial pressures which handicap the faculty teaching at four-year schools are even more intense at the community college level. What has been keeping those of us who do teach transfer courses in the community colleges honest is the idea that we must try to offer at least as good a preparation for our upper-division work as would be available in other segments of California higher education.
January 13, 1995 | BERT ELJERA
Directors of the Rossmoor Community Services District have decided to invest district money with the state treasury instead of the county to avoid the high-risk investments that had led to the county bankruptcy. Although county investments are expected to turn more conservative once the bankruptcy is resolved, district officials said that pulling out from the county fund is the only prudent thing to do.
October 27, 1994
Your articles in the series "The Price of Punishment" (Oct. 16-19) are scary. Once, California's investment in education and infrastructure was the envy of the world. The message was "Californians invest in the future. California here we come." Now our investment is in prisons as we climb to No. 1 with more, bigger and fuller prisons than anywhere else in the world. The message is "We invest in paranoia. Get out while you can." PHILIP S. BEAUCHAMP Chino Hills Railroad building of the 1900s, the movie industry of the '30s and aerospace of the last 40 years had one thing in common.
A proposed ballot measure to permit casino-type gambling in California, provided it stays within 10 miles of the Nevada border, was introduced Thursday by a Los Angeles assemblyman who said the California treasury would be the big winner. Similar plans to legalize slot machines, blackjack, craps, roulette and other casino games of chance have been talked about in the Capitol in the past, but never approved.
January 11, 1992 | STEVE WEINSTEIN
The state of things in states near and far can best be described in two words: dead broke. "This Week with David Brinkley" turns the spotlight on the severe money crises facing California and other states Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (7)(3), 10:30 a.m. (10)(42). Gov. Pete Wilson, fresh from the unveiling of his latest budget proposal earlier this week, will be queried by the usual panel alongside Connecticut Gov. Lowell Weicker and New Jersey Gov. Jim Florio.
June 8, 1989 | Associated Press
The state's Treasury Department has some of the hottest tickets around--to the NBA Finals--and will sell them to the highest bidders. The department got the tickets Wednesday. They were part of the assets seized in a drug raid last month in Bloomfield Hills, and under state law, the department must auction perishable items to the highest bidder. Treasurer Robert Bowman said that means the $25 tickets will go on the block today, a few hours before Game No. 2 between the Detroit Pistons and the Lakers at the Palace in Auburn Hills.
November 28, 1985 | From a Times Staff Writer
California's participation in the upcoming world exposition in Vancouver, Canada, has been assured by the collection of more than $1.7 million in private contributions, Gov. George Deukmejian announced Thursday. The contributions, along with $1.5 million appropriated under legislation written by Assemblywoman Lucy Killea (D-San Diego), will finance "a first-rate California exhibit" at Expo '86, Deukmejian said.
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