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Stealth Bombers

September 30, 1992
Boy, what this country really needs is more Stealth bombers! What with the number of children who are living in poverty and undernourished on the increase every year, our educational system inadequate, non-competitive and gutted annually by the politicians, our national health care an inequitable mess and accessible to fewer and fewer people, and the infrastructures of our government decaying from overuse and underfunding,I can think of nothing more important to invest in than more bombers.
August 3, 1989
The House voted 257 to 160 to keep the Stealth bomber program alive in the next fiscal year, but on a much leaner budget than President Bush wants and under congressional quality controls seen as excessive by many advocates of the futuristic warplane. The amendment was added to the $305-billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 1990 that later was sent to conference with the Senate.
August 4, 1989
Gen. Chain's essay is an excellent pitch for the B-2 Stealth bomber. He reveals "this exciting new bomber" as a "wide-ranging . . . system of enormous flexibility" with "an enduring and unique nuclear and conventional capability." The general has me convinced. I am interested in purchasing one myself. But what sort of credit references would one need? MARK A. KARLIN Venice
December 3, 1988
How much deterrence do we need? We have 19-20 submarines at sea at all times, together shipping about 3,000 nuclear warheads. Each boat packs 1,500 times the blasting power of the Hiroshima bomb, enough to levitate every city with over 50,000 population--and all coming down silently out of nowhere without warning. If this isn't enough to discourage them, it's hard to see how the half-billion-dollar B-2 is going to make much difference. VICTOR BOESEN Pacific Palisades
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