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Stephen Hawking

May 14, 2010
Woofing about Riordan Re "Unleashed," Opinion, May 8 Where was Hizzoner in taking on the unions when he was in a position to actually do something? If former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan had fought to reduce the pension promises to all new hires who started with the city during his eight years, we would not now be looking at the ballooning pension costs that may cripple the city's fiscal future. If Riordan, with tons of his own money to finance his political career, and ostensibly no further political ambitions, couldn't face down the powerful public unions, who can?
July 26, 2008 | John Johnson Jr., Times Staff Writer
For two decades, Stanford University physicist Leonard Susskind battled cosmologist Stephen Hawking over the behavior of black holes. Hawking said that when black holes eat their fill, they disappear, taking with them everything they consumed over their billions of years of existence. Susskind found this idea so disturbing that he publicly declared war -- a conflict he describes in his new book, "The Black Hole War."
Last year, astrophysicist George Smoot of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory got a very important message. From the beginning of time. Three weeks ago, he revealed that message, and the world, many people believe, changed forever. Smoot and his colleagues reported that they had detected microwave signals from the oldest and largest structures in the universe, faint relics of the Big Bang, the seminal explosion that created the universe and everything in it 15 billion years ago.
December 23, 2001 | K.C. COLE
It's funny how we talk about "the universe" as if it's somehow "out there," the great beyond. Of course, the universe is not beyond us. It's our own backyard. Granted, it's a very big backyard, and so it's nice to have a guide. "Our Cosmic Habitat" by Martin J. Rees provides what amounts to a pocket guide to the cosmos while "The Universe in a Nutshell," by his Cambridge University colleague Stephen Hawking, is the illustrated atlas.
April 24, 1988 | Lee Dembart
Asks the tough, troubling questions that physics has posed about reality and skillfully weaves together an answer as close to accurate as we are likely to come .
When 32-year-old theoretical physicist Ron Unz decided to run for governor, even some friends tried to talk him out of it. "Politics is not the kind of thing you expect geniuses to go into," said Eric Reyburn, who attended Harvard University with Unz. Rivko Knox, Unz's aunt, worried that the race would be brutal. "I said: 'Can you take criticism? What if you speak and people laugh at you?' " David Horowitz, the conservative activist, was more blunt.
January 17, 2001
If professor Peter Singer ("The Philosopher as Provocateur," Jan. 8) were to have a conversation with physicist Stephen Hawking regarding "euthanasia of the severely disabled," he would quickly learn just how foolish his theory is. JAY SCHWARTZ Chatsworth
June 11, 1993 | DENNIS HUNT
Hardly anyone saw the documentary about physicist Stephen Hawking, "A Brief History of Time," in theaters, so Paramount is trying anything it can to boost the movie's home video fortunes. Hawking is doing a guest shot on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on June 21. So Paramount delayed the release of the tape several weeks, to last Wednesday, hoping the publicity surrounding his TV appearance might generate interest in the tape.
November 29, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Internationally renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has been appointed to the post of distinguished research chairman at a quantum theory and cosmology institute founded by Research In Motion co-Chief Executive Mike Lazaridis. Hawking, a professor at the University of Cambridge in England, will regularly be in residence at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, starting in the summer of 2009, the institute said in a statement. The Perimeter Institute was founded by Lazaridis in 1999 and began research operations in 2001.
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