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Stephen L Huffaker

June 25, 2006 | Don Woutat, Times Staff Writer
A senior federal judge said Saturday that he had urged the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to investigate the actions of a Las Vegas jurist reported to have awarded millions of dollars in judgments and fees without disclosing his ties to those who benefited. The senior federal judge, Terry Hatter of Los Angeles, said that the staff at the 9th Circuit had prepared a summary of the alleged actions by U.S. District Judge James C.
September 20, 2006 | Scott Gold, Times Staff Writer
The chief justice of the Nevada Supreme Court has ordered three steps to heighten scrutiny and supervision of the state's judges, who have become the target of a reform effort amid allegations of impropriety and cronyism in the courtroom and on the campaign trail. The changes were disclosed in a four-page statement sent to the Los Angeles Times by Chief Justice Robert E. Rose, Nevada's former lieutenant governor and an important figure in the state's political landscape.
June 23, 2006 | Don Woutat, Times Staff Writer
The Nevada Supreme Court has asked three Las Vegas judges to respond to reports that they have engaged in conflicts of interest, favoritism and other questionable practices. Based on the responses of those senior judges and a review of the allegations, first detailed in the Los Angeles Times, the state Supreme Court will decide whether to take action, Chief Justice Robert E. Rose said.
June 10, 2006 | Michael J. Goodman and William C. Rempel, Times Staff Writers
One Nevada judge was nearly indicted on blackmail charges. Another ruled repeatedly for a casino corporation in which he held more than 10,000 shares. Still another overruled state authorities and decided in favor of a gambling boss who was notorious as a mob frontman, and whose casino did the judge a $2,800 favor.
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