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November 7, 1992
Please thank Westcott for the time and effort he has put into documenting the offensiveness of talk-show host Stern. As a grandparent of a 2-year-old and a parent of two teen-age daughters, ages 13 and 18, I am appalled at what radio hosts get away with. I am so thankful for Westcott speaking out. Stern and other hosts are so gross, crude and offensive that I'm ashamed they are allowed on American radio stations. JOY L. ARNSWALD Anaheim
March 5, 2008 | David Zahniser
City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo said Tuesday that his office secured a $10-million settlement from a company accused of engaging in a scheme to drive low-income people out of more than 800 rent-controlled apartments. Darren Stern, the owner of Landmark Equity Management Inc., agreed to pay a $1-million penalty and establish a $9-million restitution fund to repay tenants who were forced out of the company's apartments since 2002, according to Delgadillo's office. The settlement will also ban Stern from the city's residential real estate market for four years and six months, city officials said.
September 30, 2000
The Kings' on-again, off-again captain, Rob Blake, cannot decide whether to wear the "C" on his jersey. We all know the "C" denotes Courage, not Complainer. Honor your Contract and end this Controversy. DAVID R. STERN Marina del Rey
January 19, 1992
In response to Susan Groothuis: The world is not Schenectady (A crude but apt synecdoche) So rise with me, you who oppose The intellectually otiose. Contemn the sloths who abdicate Their need to ratiocinate. I. R. STERN, SHERMAN OAKS
December 27, 1992
Male or female, black or white, Stern and Quivers both represent morons on the air. That their daily celebration of ignorance and juvenile behavior is embraced by so many Americans as representative of what they (as average Americans) are really thinking is just another indication of this country's headfirst plunge down the toilet of doom. JEFF DiPERNA Sherman Oaks
August 8, 1993
Some people would make it a crime to give someone of the same gender a kiss, but defend to the death their "right" to give a perfect stranger lung cancer. How's that for morality? WILLIAM D. STERN Los Angeles
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