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April 27, 1989
In response to reports about the use of steroids by Olympic athletes, the Beverly Hills Board of Education has asked that stronger warnings against the performance-enhancing drugs be incorporated into the high school curriculum. The board asked the staff to develop a program that would use discussions and videos to emphasize the dangers of the illegal drugs. The staff also was asked to establish procedures for reporting students suspected of taking steroids. While saying that Beverly Hills High School does not have a problem with steroid use, Principal Sol Levine said the school has more than 800 students on athletic teams and that it was important to get the message out that such drug use represents a "clear and present danger to the health and welfare of students."
December 23, 1998 | Associated Press
Australian Open champion Petr Korda tested positive for steroids at Wimbledon, the International Tennis Federation said Wednesday. Korda was forced to forfeit the 199 rankings points and $94,529 in prize money he earned for making the quarterfinals at Wimbledon this year. Korda, from the Czech Republic, tested positive for nandrolone metabolites, a performance-enhancing anabolic steroid whose use would normally result in a long ban.
October 23, 2006 | Sam Farmer, Times Staff Writer
San Diego's Shawne Merriman, among the NFL's most dominant defensive players, has been notified that he will be suspended for four games by the league for violating the steroids and related substances policy, ESPN reported Sunday. Citing a source with "knowledge of Merriman's suspension," the network's Chris Mortensen reported that the Pro Bowl linebacker's positive test was "definitely for steroids ... not one of those supplement deals."
May 29, 1987
A pair of amateur body builders and two of their associates were charged Thursday with operating a $3-million drug ring that illegally imported large quantities of anabolic steroids for distribution on the black market. Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles said the ring purchased large quantities of the protein-based, bulk-producing drugs used by many athletes from a West German pharmacist and sold them through a series of private mail drop facilities to distributors throughout the country.
December 16, 1988
Carl Lewis said Thursday that he isn't out to "crucify" rival Ben Johnson but has volunteered to cooperate with the Canadian inquiry into steroid use. "I think we need to get the whole problem into the open," Lewis was quoted as saying by the Toronto Star. "A lot of positive things could come out of this." Lewis, the runner-up, was given the gold medal for the 100-meter dash at the Seoul Olympics after Johnson, the first-place finisher, had tested positive for anabolic steroids.
March 22, 1990
Michigan State officials are looking into allegations made in a story in the Detroit News that Spartan football players injected each other with muscle-building steroids.
State and local law enforcement agents Thursday raided two offices of a physician who, they say, is under investigation for illegal prescription of anabolic steroids for bodybuilders. No charges were filed against Dr. George Steven Kooshian, but the agents seized the medical records to try to corroborate information that the doctor has been prescribing the illegal drug for at least one year, according to J. D.
October 20, 2006 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The San Francisco Chronicle agreed to be held in contempt of court and pay perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for refusing to assist a federal grand jury probing who leaked to its reporters the secret testimony of Barry Bonds and other athletes, according to a court filing. The government agreed to stay any fines pending the outcome of an appeal to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
Jerry Colangelo and Donald Fehr are scheduled to attend a Senate commerce subcommittee hearing today to discuss reports of widespread steroid use by major league baseball players. Colangelo, owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Fehr, executive director and general counsel of the Major League Baseball Players' Assn., are among six witnesses called by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), the committee's chairman. With State Sen.
August 11, 2005 | J.A. Adande
When it comes to steroids, the best metaphors come from within the sports: Baseball gets all the hits, and the NFL gets a pass. During congressional hearings in April, the politicians heaped praise on the NFL's steroid testing policy. The NFL was complimented, in part, because it appeared to handle the matter so much more capably than baseball and its commissioner, bumbling Bud Selig, did during their turn in March. As if that were enough.
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