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July 26, 2012
When will Apple Inc.release the new iPhone 5?
April 22, 2014 | By August Brown
For Steve Aoki fans, today brings news that's even better than a cake in the face . The DJ, producer, label czar and general party purveyor has announced a new album, "Neon Future 1. " It's due out Aug. 12 on his own Dim Mak Records and EDM staple label Ultra Music. It's the first installment of a two-part release, with the second due out in 2015.  The first half of the double album features a huge range of collaborators, including, Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun and Bonnie McKee.
September 4, 2009 | Robert Abele
By the time the majestically unstable and unfunny "All About Steve" gets to a smudged, bleeding Sandra Bullock delivering a teary soliloquy next to a scared deaf girl in a mineshaft, you might assume a film this bonkers would head straight to the center of the Earth next. Or a moon made of cheese. Someplace woefully unreal, in other words. Hollywood movies preaching nonconformity are rarely a winning proposition, and "All About Steve" is no exception: an eat-your-cake-and-have-it-too exercise that razzes oddballs to no end before nearly martyring its off-kilter heroine to guilt-trip the audience.
April 21, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell and Steven Zeitchik
Over a 20-year career making stylized, often genre-tinged films, Danny Boyle has been known to look at a well-worn area in new and dynamic ways. With a potential Steve Jobs movie, he could be taking on a worthy subject. The British auteur is in talks to helm Sony Pictures' much-buzzed, sometimes-bumpy Jobs biopic that "The Social Network" scribe Aaron Sorkin has adapted from Walter Isaacson's comprehensive biography, The Times has confirmed. Boyle would replace David Fincher, the "Social Network" director who appears to have moved off the project.
September 3, 2009 | Michael Ordona
This is a Texan rancher who knows his way around Los Angeles -- including a possibly self-incriminating awareness of its seedier sides. The relish with which Thomas Haden Church discusses such things (unmentionable in a family newspaper) runs from the literary observer's view to the smirkingly lascivious. But one thing the loquacious actor definitely does is notice details. Throughout lunch at the old-school Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, he provides running commentary on those around him -- particularly a large, happy group he reasons must be three generations of a family, from the established older men, possibly brothers, to the beautiful younger granddaughter decked out à la Swinging London.
August 30, 2009 | Chris Dufresne
Hmmm, let's see: a left-handed quarterback who sees a larger purpose than football in this life, and the one (we hope) after. Except: he may not have the arm to make it big in the NFL and runs too much, which is going to get him killed at the next level. Also: ministers to the less fortunate, is stubborn as a mule, leads with his head, constantly needs grass clumps picked out of face mask, treats body like piñata. And: so hyper-competitive he'd cry at his locker for an hour after a crushing defeat, then collect himself and responsibly face the media.
February 7, 2010 | Bill Dwyre
Steady Eddie has taken Los Angeles by storm, or at least those parts of it still dry enough to care about golf. In a city where glitz plays best, Steve Stricker has turned it up by toning it down at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera. He is about as flamboyant as a slice of Wisconsin cheddar; also, about as effective a striker of the golf ball and manager of a golf course as you'll find right now on the PGA Tour. During Saturday's third round, Stricker built a five-shot lead at 14 under par by fashioning a masterpiece of sensible shot making and shot selection.
June 20, 1992
Howe many chances can Steve get? Howe stupid can Steve be? Howe many reprieves is the league going to give Steve? Howe can Steve again ask the public to be understanding? I don't know Howe, but I have a message for Steve--enough is enough. KELVIN D. FILER Compton
August 8, 2010 | By John Ibson
Steve and I have been together 32 years, yet after a recent trip to Vancouver, we're newlyweds. And while I'm a 66-year-old professor of American studies, this particular Canadian journey taught me fresh lessons about myself and my country. We had planned our trip as a vacation well before the idea of getting married occurred to us. If not exactly on a lark, we decided to marry largely because Canada allows it, feeling that the ritual and resulting status wouldn't move us much after so many good years in a union of our own devising.
January 29, 2014 | By Gary Klein
JERSEY CITY, N.J. - It was one of the biggest, and perhaps the most quickly forgotten, interceptions in NFL playoff history. When Seattle's Richard Sherman tipped away a pass intended for San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree in the NFC championship game, linebacker Malcolm Smith caught the ball to complete a play that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. But Smith's heads-up effort instantly became an afterthought when Sherman's emotional postgame outburst made the cornerback one of the Super Bowl's main story lines.
April 18, 2014 | By David Ng
Steve Martin will present the world premiere of his much buzzed about new musical "Bright Star" in September at the Old Globe in San Diego as part of the company's 2014-15 season, which was announced on Thursday. "Bright Star," which Martin is writing with Edie Brickell, had been expected to debut at the Old Globe after the company held workshop performances earlier this year in New York. The musical, which runs from Sep. 13 to Nov. 2, had also been workshopped at the Powerhouse Theatre in upstate New York.
April 18, 2014 | By Gary Klein
With USC preparing for its final spring practice Saturday at the Coliseum, Coach Steve Sarkisian on Friday released a depth chart that will look entirely different in the fall. More than 20 players -- including starters such as defensive lineman Leonard Williams, cornerback Josh Shaw and safety Su'a Cravens -- have been sidelined for all or part of spring workouts. They are among those not included on the depth chart. Sarkisian this week announced that Cody Kessler was the starting quarterback.
April 14, 2014 | By Oliver Gettell
After the success of "The Social Network," David Fincher's drama about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook, the director emerged as the front-runner to bring the story of another tech giant to the big screen: Apple founder Steve Jobs. Now the Hollywood Reporter says Sony Pictures is looking to replace Fincher at the helm of its highly anticipated Jobs biopic, based on Walter Isaacson's bestselling biography "Steve Jobs" with a script by "Social Network" scribe Aaron Sorkin.
April 13, 2014 | By Joe Flint
Senior Turner Broadcasting executive Steve Koonin has been named chief executive of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He'll be in charge of operations for both the National Basketball Assn. franchise and its home court Philips Arena. Koonin will also have an ownership stake in the team. A well-regarded programming and marketing executive, Koonin has been with Turner for 14 years, rising to the rank of president of Turner Entertainment Networks, whose holdings include TNT, TBS, TruTV and Cartoon Network.
April 12, 2014 | By Noel Murray
Philomena Starz/Anchor Bay, $29.98; Blu-ray, $34.99 Available on VOD beginning April 15 One of last year's most heartening box-office success stories, this British melodrama had more financial success and drew more awards attention than one might've expected for a midbudget tear-jerker about a woman trying to find the son she was forced to give up in Ireland in the 1950s. Credit Judi Dench's lead performance as Philomena Lee, a proud woman who's spent decades dealing with the sense of shame she felt as a young unwed mother.
April 11, 2014 | By Mike Bresnahan
Nobody got hurt. The Lakers didn't lose by 50. There are only three games left. These were reasons for the Lakers to celebrate a 112-95 loss Friday to Golden State at Staples Center. The season that won't ever end is down to a handful of days. Nobody's complaining. No crying. Tension was sucked out of this season a month ago, if not longer. BOX SCORE: Golden State 112, Lakers 95 There's a lot of losing, though, six in a row for the Lakers (25-54) after a late run fell short, extending their team record for losses in a season.
March 29, 1997
Steve, Steve, Steve, Your unselfish compassion for your players after the loss to Minnesota was inspiring. It is very encouraging to see a man cry, unashamed, on national TV. Will you marry me? CATHRYN LEFF Irvine
July 30, 2006
DURING a stroll through the cobbled streets of Shigu (Stone Drum) in China's Yunnan province in April 2005, Steve and Peggy Goetz heard something behind them. It was this little boy poking his head out from behind the large red metal door to peek at the tourists. Steve, a faculty member at Orange Coast College, used his Pentax Optio S. "I like the fact that it was so fleeting," said Steve, of Irvine.
April 10, 2014 | By Mike Bresnahan and Eric Pincus
Kobe Bryant was annoyed. Really, really annoyed. The Lakers traded Steve Blake before the February deadline, immediately sending a dissatisfied Bryant to Twitter. He said he was "not cool" with the trade "AT ALL," hitting caps lock for effect and also calling Blake a "psycho competitor. " Blake is still appreciative two months later. He'll play with his new team, Golden State, against the Lakers in his return Friday to Staples Center. "Whenever you have support like that from a teammate, it feels great, especially from one of the greatest," Blake said in a phone interview.
April 9, 2014 | By Melissa Rohlin
Steve Nash wasn't exactly jumping up and down after moving up third on the NBA's all-time assists list during Tuesday's 145-130 loss to Houston. "It was a relief, to be honest," said Nash, a two-time league MVP. "I kind of just wanted to get it out of the way because I didn't want it hanging over my head or my teammates' heads, so it was nice to get it done. " It happened on a pass to Jodie Meeks for a dunk with 2 minutes 13 seconds left in the first half. Nash entered the game with 10,330 career assists, just four behind Mark Jackson's 10,334.  His pass to Meeks moved Nash to 10,335, now behind only John Stockton's 15,806 and Jason Kidd's 12,091.
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