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Steve Eich

December 19, 2007 | Lynne Heffley
You couldn't beat the discount price for the Geffen Playhouse's floundering production of "Atlanta," which, despite a drubbing by critics and spotty attendance, was extended to run through Jan. 13. Until they were sold out on Tuesday, online ticketing agency Goldstar was offering select free seats to the Civil War-era musical by Marcus Hummon and Adrian Pasdar. Original price: $40 to $50.
August 11, 2002 | HUGH HART
By the end of September, people driving through Westwood will be greeted by banners bearing the image of a mysterious gentleman peering from behind a curtain, beckoning passersby to the Geffen Playhouse. The man is Joseph Cotten, and no, he's not being brought back from the dead for a stage adaptation of "The Third Man."
February 4, 2001 | HUGH HART, Los Angeles writer Hugh Hart is a frequent contributor to Calendar
Imagine Bruce Willis and Jeremy Irons sitting politely on a sofa, and you'll have a rough picture of the talented odd couple from Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre who are now calling the shots at the Geffen Playhouse. Managing director Steve Eich, the one with the shaved pate, was hired in September to run the business side of the Westwood operation.
April 2, 2006 | Christopher Reynolds, Times Staff Writer
NOBODY chokes on their Cheerios anymore hearing that Tom Cruise might make $80 million on one movie ("The Last Samurai") or that the Rolling Stones gross $162 million in a year of touring (last year). But since when do museum people make a million a year, and since when do we hear about it? These questions occurred to many people in February, when Barry Munitz resigned his well-paying post as president of the J. Paul Getty Trust.
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