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April 4, 2013 | By Ruben Vives and Richard Winton
The family of a 35-year-old man shot to death by Long Beach police after they mistook a water hose nozzle he was holding for a handgun was awarded $6.5 million in damages by a federal jury Thursday. After a day of deliberations, jurors found that two officers violated Doug Zerby's constitutional rights, were negligent and acted with malice or reckless disregard for his life in the December 2010 fatal shooting outside a Belmont Shore apartment. Zerby was shot by the two officers -- one with a shotgun and other with a handgun -- after they responded to the scene because someone reported seeing a man with a handgun.
January 24, 1994 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
"Mantis" is the kind of movie that can give an insect a bad name. It airs at 8 tonight on Fox (Channels 11 and 6), introducing a comic (unintentionally, it appears) super-hero who wears a mantis-like gizmo on his head and moves through the air spritzing criminals with a paralyzing chemical while suspended by a chain from a high-tech flying car called a chrysalid. The thankless job of playing this clunky lug has befallen Carl Lumbly.
October 13, 2006 | Mark Olsen, Special to The Times
Whenever the topic of the war in Iraq comes up most people go out of their way to say that they "support the troops," whatever that's supposed to mean. "The War Tapes," arguably the most vital and eye-opening documentary yet made regarding the United States' current military entanglement, follows three National Guardsmen from New Hampshire as they are deployed to Iraq for one year.
October 9, 1995
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December 7, 1997
Pacific Christian shot 55% from the field and made 40 of 46 free throws in a 119-107 victory over Menlo for seventh place in the Redlands Tournament Saturday at Redlands. Center Steve James had 24 points and 12 rebounds to lead Pacific Christian. Menlo's Lamont Ramsey led all scorers with 36 points.
November 8, 1997
In any other country, Sunday's World Cup qualifying match, in which the United States earned a precious point against Mexico by playing brilliant defense for two-thirds of the match after having one player sent off, would have been the sports story of the day. But few Americans will have seen their national team taking a step closer to the World Cup finals next year in France because the game was not even on national TV. (It was shown on Spanish-language Univision.)...
November 21, 1998
Andrew Cheney and Brett Lucas of UC Irvine defeated Cory Guy and Simon Chen of UC Santa Barbara to advance to the doubles quarterfinals of the Southern California Intercollegiates tournament Friday at the Los Angeles Tennis Club. Cheney and Lucas, who won 8-6, play Brandon Kramer and Jong Minle today. In nonconference men's basketball: Montana State 84, Concordia 73--Guard Josh Giles scored 22 points for Concordia (2-2).
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