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August 5, 1985 | ALFRED SHEINWOLD, Times Bridge Writer
Four Californians won the Grand National Team Championship here Sunday night after the first five days of play at the 12-day North American Bridge Tournament. Chip Martel, of Davis; Peter Pender, of Forestville; Hugh Ross, of Oakland, and Lew Stansby, of Castro Valley, with this writer as non-playing captain, won the final match by 199 to 116 international match points over the Washington, D.C., team of Peter Boyd, Bobby Lipsitz, Ed Manfield and Steve Robinson.
May 19, 1985 | D. SAMI KAPP, D. Sami Kapp
Ken Halle, 89, of Hawthorne will become the oldest person ever to receive a high school diploma from Torrance Adult School at the Meadow Park Adult Center, Principal Cal Eubanks said. Halle, who quit school in Pennsylvania at age 13 to support his mother, said he resumed his studies in October "just to say I did it." A former steel mill foreman and maintenance man, Halle said his favorite subject was math. His fellow classmates honored him May 15 with a surprise birthday and graduation party.
February 14, 2000 | GARY CHAPMAN
Everyone is familiar by now with the colossal sums of money pouring into high tech, especially into firms that have something to do with the Internet. What is less commonly known is what this tidal wave of money may be doing to the technical professions upon which the "new economy" is built.
December 3, 1995 | ROBERT A. ROSENBLATT, ROBERT A. ROSENBLATT is a reporter in The Times' Washington bureau, covering health, financial services and other business-related issues
The federal government shuts down for six days. President Clinton and the Republicans scream at each other over the budget. U.S. troops prepare to venture into harm's way as patrolling peacekeepers in Bosnia. With all the mega-stories pouring out of Washington these days, there's a lot of key nuts-and-bolts matters of the pocketbook that are not getting front-page attention--or even back-page attention.
June 14, 1999 | BOB ROSENBLATT
We live in an era when families with an aged father or uncle who is losing his memory don't know where to turn for help, and the cost of drugs for the elderly can cripple a family's budget. For all those troubles, the Veterans Administration health system can be a major source of help. Most people have a hazy notion of the VA as hospitals where combat veterans recuperate from their wounds after war and clinics where impoverished veterans can get treatment.
September 15, 1992 | DON LEE, TIMES STAFF WRITER
E.W. Scripps Co., jockeying for advantage in the hotly contested newspaper market in Ventura County, said Monday it has tentatively agreed to buy the Camarillo Daily News and to take full ownership of the Simi Valley Enterprise as well as a weekly paper in Moorpark. Scripps, headquartered in Cincinnati, signed the agreement with Harris Enterprises, a newspaper chain based in Hutchinson, Kan., which owns the Camarillo Daily News and 50% of both the Enterprise and the Moorpark News-Mirror.
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