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August 30, 1993 | Reuters
Stoves, furnaces and water heaters turned into flamethrowers when a technical fault sent gas pumping into suburban Buenos Aires homes at 500 times the normal pressure. Fire brigade officials reported scores of small fires but no injuries or serious damage as a result of the incident Saturday. An official of the northern Buenos Aires gas company blamed sabotage at a neighborhood distribution valve.
May 4, 2006 | Christy Hobart
QUESTION: I had clipped an article a while back on refurbishing old stoves. I have an O'Keefe & Merritt that needs some work but I cannot locate the clipping. Could you provide me with a listing of repair or refurbishing businesses? CAROLINE MARTINEZ Los Angeles ANSWER: The article you read might have been the profile on Ventura-based old-stove expert, Jack Santoro and his refurbishing business, JES Enterprises, that appeared in The Times on April 12, 1999.
April 15, 2007 | From Reuters
Two U.S. lawmakers urged safety regulators to do more to prevent kitchen ranges from tipping over. At least 33 people have been killed since 1980 by free-standing stoves tipping over on them, Reps. John D. Dingell and Bart Stupak, both Michigan Democrats, said in a letter to Nancy Nord, the Consumer Product Safety Commission's acting chairwoman.
Most camp stoves (multi-burner portable stoves, not the single-burner stoves used by backpackers) are made by two companies, Coleman Outdoor Products Inc. and Century Primus. Even the house-brand stoves carried by department stores are usually made by these companies. As a result, camp stoves differ little in purchase price or overall performance, so you should choose a model on the basis of economy, convenience and/or environmental considerations. FUEL: Coleman gives the following comparison of fuel costs for 50 hours of cooking (two-burner stoves)
February 27, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Flames from a small stove started the fire that killed 363 people in Egypt's worst train disaster, investigators have concluded. Investigators found several small stoves amid the charred debris of the two train cars that suffered the worst damage in the Feb. 20 fire south of Cairo, according to several Egyptian newspapers. Passengers often carry such equipment to heat food and water for tea and coffee, despite regulations banning stoves, gas cylinders and fuel.
May 2, 1987 | Paul Dean
Some objects were made to be restored: Stearman biplanes, '57 Chevys, wood-hulled sailboats, Victorian homes and the Wiltern Theater. But old stoves? Cast iron, overweight, ill-tempered, smelly and frequently explosive stoves? "Why not?" asks Winsor Williams. He seems surprised by any suggestion that a vintage O'Keefe & Merritt doesn't share the classicism of, say, an antique Daimler & Benz. "Old stoves are just like old cars and old clothes.
February 9, 1988 | Associated Press
Harry Locker enjoys the pleasant aroma of wood smoke on cold New England mornings as much as anyone, even knowing it can be unhealthy. Locker, a graduate student at Dartmouth College, has for four years been researching ways to determine how much wood smoke contributes to air pollution, something that monitoring agencies in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire say they need to assess the problem.
March 24, 2002 | From Reuters
Prosecutors said Saturday that a portable gas stove caused a train fire that killed 361 people last month, and they charged 11 railway officials with negligence in Egypt's worst rail disaster. Fire ripped through seven carriages of a crowded passenger train in February, the worst accident in 150 years of Egyptian rail history. The blazing train rolled on for several miles after the fire broke out, the wind fanning the flames.
If you're thinking that your old range might not make it through the holiday cooking season, you may want to check out the Warehouse Discount Center in Simi Valley. This is an "as is" store with an inventory mostly of "scratch and dents" at sizable reductions. A self-cleaning General Electric gas range that retails for $619 is reduced to $469 because of a couple of bruises.
August 23, 1992
QUESTION: We're planning to remodel our kitchen and replace the stove. We'd like to install a gas range. Are they more energy efficient than electric ones? What features should we look for? ANSWER: If the truth be known, gas ranges are no more efficient than electric ones. But they do offer a clear advantage of temperature control--they heat up and cool off virtually instantly. This is a real selling point for the chef in the house.
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