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May 2, 1996
Inspired by the developers of the current bland tomato, local strawberry growers are now happily producing a taste-free strawberry ("A Matter of Taste," April 21). Those studying evolution in the future will no doubt trace the onset of atrophy of our taste buds to such ongoing developments. CLYDE A. CURTIS Port Hueneme
May 29, 1993
I just hope Tommy Lasorda has the guts to keep him out when Darryl (I'm Full of Excuses Why I'm Not Hitting) Strawberry decides he wants to play. BERJ BASMADJIAN BUTCH ROSS Newhall
December 15, 1988 | Associated Press
Even youngsters with a sweet tooth seem to like fruits--provided there's a twist. Consumer research by Del Monte Foods Inc. has concluded that children most often prefer yogurt in four flavors: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and peach. The research shows they like yogurt that is pre-stirred with a creamy texture.
April 10, 2002
"I had the '99 Artesa 'Reserve' Pinot Noir from Carneros. They make several different Pinots. The reserve was outstanding. It had this wonderful strawberry-cedar box kind of complexity to it that was unusually full-bodied and complex. It was delicious. I bought a case of it."
April 10, 1993 | MAIA DAVIS
A couple who were flying their small plane from Wyoming to Camarillo to visit relatives ran out of gas Friday, forcing them to make a crash-landing in a strawberry field two miles short of Camarillo Airport. Pilot Albert Seamands, 63, of Lander, Wyo., suffered cuts on his face and chin but did not require medical treatment after the crash in a field along the 3100 block of Rose Avenue in El Rio. Seamands' wife, Janet, 60, was taken to St.
September 28, 1991
I guess in the eyes of Butler, Strawberry and Gross, everybody in Los Angeles is a pampered celebrity. I have some news for you guys. There are a lot of us regular working stiffs out here who are no different in their enthusiasm for the game of baseball than someone in Atlanta or New York or anywhere else. The only thing that has changed in Los Angeles is not the fans, but the arrival of the fragile egos belonging to the Dodgers' newly acquired free agents. JIM GENOVA, Burbank
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