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April 6, 2008 | Joseph Fink, Camarillo
Where we left off: TV producer Charlie Bonner, whose trip to Cabo was interrupted by his wife Genie's disappearing act, agrees to meet with Congressman Falco. Meanwhile, Genie has come up empty in her attempt to find a stripper named Carmen. Now she's trying to persuade her driver, with the help of a pistol she carries in her purse, to take her to Falco's house too. -- Today's winning entry was written by Joseph Fink of Camarillo -- Bonner had insisted on sitting at the other end of the long dining table even though the distance was absurd for a personal conversation.
September 30, 2008 | Christopher Goffard
Stephen David Royds, the high-living drug dealer who kept his girlfriend's corpse frozen in a 2-by-3-foot plastic bin at the Fairmont Newport Beach hotel for as long as a year, pleaded guilty Monday to drug charges and was sentenced to four years in prison. Royds' plea at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach closes the criminal case against him and leaves unresolved -- perhaps forever -- the question of why Monique Felicia Trepp, 33, a former stripper and waitress, was stashed in dry ice in the posh hotel room she shared with Royds.
September 7, 2012 | By Robert Abele
A low-budget, no-excitement thriller, "The Victim" was written and directed by Michael Biehn, who also stars as a loner whose chance encounter with a frantic stripper leads to all sorts of mayhem. Annie (Jennifer Blanc) turns up at the cabin where Biehn's Kyle lives with a tale of a woodsy tryst with dirty cops, a friend (Danielle Harris) murdered and herself the next target. He springs into action as a wild-eyed protector, leading to some premium-cable-ish sexy time with Annie. It seems she has the emotional fortitude to set aside her fear of death to purr seductively over her savior's well-preserved bod. (Blanc happens to be Biehn's wife.)
April 29, 2012 | By Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
Year-round schooling. Baby boomers date-nighting. Insatiable appetites DVRing, VODemanding, online streaming. March madness game changing ("Hunger Games," not basketball, $358 million and counting). A short way to say popcorn is not just for summer anymore. Moviegoers - young (the summer staple) and old (increasingly coming back to the five-and-dime, Jimmy Dean…) - want a constant flow. The idea that audiences are more intrigued, or less pressed in the summertime, or that there are movie mood swings tied to weather patterns anymore is just downright silly.
May 26, 1985 | Associated Press
School officials were not amused when a male stripper broke into a routine at Grand Prairie High School's graduation ceremony. The dancer wound up in jail, and irate school officials vowed to track down the students who hired him and press charges. As Principal Phil Farris was about to begin handing out diplomas at a ceremony late last week, a young man in a suit interrupted to say he had a "special honorary award" for Vice Principal Dorothy Newton.
January 9, 1999
The four young men lounging at the Spearmint Rhino nightclub thought it would be easy to tip the exotic dancers with counterfeit $100 bills. It turned out to be more difficult than they thought, police said. One of the dancers is a stripper by night and bank teller by day. Authorities arrested four men this week after the dancer told them she had spotted the generous tips as fake.
June 6, 1996 | JOHN POPE
Complaints about the recent establishment of agencies that provide or arrange adult entertainment have prompted the City Council to adopt an ordinance designed to better monitor the businesses. In the past 18 months, two "booking agencies," which hire or provide strippers for individuals or groups, have opened in Tustin, city officials said, and another has expressed interest in locating there.
February 2, 1995
A Torrance police officer accused of socializing--in uniform and on duty--with professional strippers at a private residence has been terminated, city officials said Wednesday. Citing privacy laws protecting personnel records, City Atty. John L. Fellows III would not say whether Daniel G. Sprague, 32, was fired or had resigned. "I can only tell you . . . his employment terminated on Jan. 25, 1995," Fellows said.
January 6, 2000 | CAITLIN LIU
A Glendale man was booked on suspicion of attempted murder Wednesday after he allegedly fired shots at a stripper and her bodyguard on a freeway after she refused to have sex with him, authorities said. Although at least four bullets hit the car, no one was injured. Steve Iskenderian, 21, is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail and will be arraigned Friday, said Det. Dan O'Hanian of the Los Angeles Police Department's Van Nuys Division.
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