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On a sweltering evening, the flower of Yucatan womanhood is packed into a local gymnasium, dressed in Sunday-best linen and sensible pantsuits. Schoolteachers. Fresh-scrubbed college students. Moms like Maria Esther Ortega, 45, a staunch Catholic with four children. It is a historic moment for Merida, and they know it. "Yes, we did it!" thunder the 2,041 women. "Yes, we did it!" Moments later, the long-anticipated show begins. Weeks of controversy over morality and women's rights fade away.
July 4, 2001
Re "University Voids Running Teams' Ban on Stripper," June 30, about the coach who kicked the student off Cal State Fullerton's track and cross-country teams because she worked part-time as an exotic dancer: According to the student's attorney, the coach has said that "stripping goes against his moral credo as a Christian." Of course, if stripping is against coach John Elders' religious beliefs, he certainly should not engage in it. However, there is a vast difference between saying, "My religion forbids me to," and, "My religion forbids you to."
March 12, 1996 | Associated Press
A Bakersfield judge, acquitted last year of bribing a stripper who faced charges in his court, has resigned during a disciplinary investigation, the state Commission on Judicial Performance said Monday. Facing noncriminal charges of misconduct in office, Kern County Municipal Judge Alan E. Klein agreed to resign immediately and refrain from seeking or accepting judicial office, the commission said.
April 13, 1994 | From Associated Press
A stripper allowed by a tax judge to depreciate surgical implants that greatly enlarged her breasts said Tuesday that the ruling corrects rules that were unfair to entertainers in her field. "It is simply a stage prop we are carrying around to make money," Cynthia Hess said of the implants. "I am happy for me and a lot of other girls in show business," she said before performing at the Bamboo Room in Green Bay as Friday's deadline for filing tax returns approached.
May 5, 1994 | SCOTT HARRIS
Perhaps you've heard the odd news about the Odd Ball Cabaret, the North Hills strip joint that has been forced to shut down its "shower shows." The city's Disabled Access Appeals Commission, it seems, has ruled that the Odd Ball's shower is in essence a stage, and by law must be accessible not only to able-bodied nude dancers, but those who require wheelchairs as well. (Not that Odd Ball employs any.
November 27, 1998 | From Associated Press
A male stripper accused of fondling at least four teenagers during his routine at a chaperoned "girls night out" party was arrested Thursday on felony lewd conduct charges. Steven Schmitt, 29, of Walnut Creek, booked on a $100,000 warrant, faces three years in prison if convicted, Sgt. Ron Parker said. The girls--including one who allegedly performed oral sex on him--apparently were willing participants in the strip act last month.
June 26, 1988 | PAT H. BROESKE
Farrah Fawcett, where are you? Candy Barr wants to know. The legendary full-figured '50s stripper is the subject of a film bio from Atlantic Releasing, to begin production in January based on a George Axelrod script. The not-exactly buxom Fawcett has the title role. But after landing the part months ago, Fawcett, who like Barr is a Texan, has yet to contact the woman she'll portray. Fawcett did get together with Barr late last year at a private airport in San Antonio.
August 9, 1993 | TERRY SPENCER
Following recent court decisions that nullified the city's adult entertainment ordinance and allowed two strip clubs to open, the city attorney last week said his office is drafting a law that would require strippers to remain partially clothed. City Atty. Jack L. White said the ordinance, which will be presented to the City Council next month, would require female strippers to wear at least a G-string and pasties while performing at bars and clubs in the city.
He wasn't very tall, certainly not dark and far, very far, from handsome. On at least eight occasions over the last month, a gangly man in his 30s with a dirty-blond mop and plentiful body hair entered a local beauty salon, asked for a particular stylist and then performed a spastic striptease to hip-hop tunes. "It was horrible," said JJ Lewandowski, a stylist at Hair Unlimited on Los Angeles Avenue. "He didn't know what the heck he was doing. . . .
February 28, 1985 | From Times Wire Services
Deputy Prime Minister Erik Nielsen was named Canada's defense minister Wednesday, filling the post opened by the resignation of Robert Coates in the wake of reports that he entertained a stripper at a sex-oriented West German nightclub. Nielsen, 61, who has represented the Yukon Territory in Parliament since 1957, is an influential member of the government of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
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