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Suicide Bombings

July 12, 2009 | Alex Rodriguez
The markets of this chaotic city are usually cacophonous places, alive with the din of motorcycle rickshaws and legions of Pakistanis sizing up the pyramids of mangoes in one stall, office furniture in the next. But on a recent dusky evening at Sadar market, shopkeepers sipped tea and looked out into an empty street. No one, they fretted, wants to risk being there the next time a suicide bomber strikes.
March 6, 2014 | By Sheri Linden
In "Bethlehem," Israel's submission to the recent Academy Awards for the foreign language Oscar, first-time filmmaker Yuval Adler views entrenched political tensions through the template of a police procedural. Focusing on an Israeli intelligence agent and one of his Palestinian informants, the movie has the taut efficiency of a well-constructed crime thriller, while its real-world underpinnings play out with a less convincing sense of urgency. Tsahi Halevy carries himself with a mournful, in-over-his-head demeanor as Razi, an officer in Israel's secret service who's trying to prevent an impending suicide bombing in Jerusalem.
April 1, 2010 | By Megan K. Stack
Double suicide bombings struck the strife-ridden Russian republic of Dagestan on Wednesday, killing 12 people and injuring dozens. The attacks came as a violent echo of this week's bombings in Moscow's subway system, which left 39 dead and stirred fear that volatility in Russia's mostly Muslim Caucasus region is again seeping deep into the rest of the country. A Chechen militant leader claimed responsibility for the subway bombings in a statement released Wednesday to a website affiliated with the militants.
December 30, 2013 | By Sergei L. Loiko
MOSCOW -- At least 14 people were killed and 28 injured Monday morning by a suspected suicide bomb attack on a crowded trolley bus in the Russian city of Volgograd -- the second such attack on mass transit in the city in as many days. Ten passengers were killed immediately from the blast and four more died on the way to and in hospitals, officials said. Russian law enforcement agencies said the explosion was a terrorist act and that they suspect a connection between Monday's attack and a suicide bombing on Sunday, less than 19 hours earlier, at the city's main railway station.
In a six-story warehouse on the eastern edge of this Palestinian city, tons of flour, rice and noodles are stacked roof-high. A worker steers a forklift festooned with green Islamic flags, lifting and shifting pallets and crates. A brigade of bearded men shovels sugar into small sacks and packs box after box with relief supplies for thousands of Palestinian families.
December 4, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
A suicide car bomb exploded next to a British convoy in southern Afghanistan, and troops speeding from the scene fired at several civilian cars. As many as three Afghan civilians were killed and 19 people were wounded, including three British soldiers, in the chaotic violence in Kandahar, officials said. A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack.
June 4, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Moroccan police arrested a French citizen wanted in connection with last month's Casablanca suicide bombings. Robert Antoine-Pierre, 28, was taken into custody in Tangiers, where he was living with his Moroccan wife, security officials said. Police began searching for Antoine-Pierre after several other suspects said he gave orders in the attacks, officials said on condition of anonymity. Five nearly simultaneous attacks May 16 left 43 dead, including 12 Moroccan bombers.
May 13, 2009 | Laura King
As many as a dozen suicide bombers staged synchronized attacks Tuesday on government buildings in a provincial capital in eastern Afghanistan, triggering a day of chaotic fighting that left at least 20 people dead. Scores of people were injured in the fighting in Khowst, the site of a large U.S. military base. The wounded included at least three American soldiers. The brazen assault was reminiscent of an earlier attack on the U.S.
February 8, 2013 | By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - A suicide bomber blew himself up at a military checkpoint outside the northern Mali city of Gao on Friday, in the first sign that Al Qaeda-linked militias may be adopting new tactics since being driven back by a French-led invasion. A man on a motorcycle approached a group of soldiers at a military checkpoint and detonated explosives, according to a military officer contacted by The Times. The attack was confirmed by Gao Mayor Sadou Diallo in a telephone interview.
March 8, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
The first meeting between an Israeli delegation and high-level Catholic officials for interfaith dialogue concluded this week with a joint statement condemning suicide bombings. "Taking any human life, including one's own, even in the name of God, is sacrilegious," said the statement, which also upheld the sanctity of human life and urged respect for family values.
December 29, 2013 | By Sergei L. Loiko
MOSCOW - A suicide bomber detonated explosives at the entrance to a railway station in Volgograd, an industrial city in southern Russia, killing at least 15 people and injuring 43, officials said, in an attack that sent jitters through the country as the Winter Olympics in Sochi approach. No group claimed responsibility for Sunday's deadly bombing, one of several to hit southern Russian in recent months. Volgograd is close to the troubled Caucasus region, where Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov has vowed to use "maximum force" to prevent Russia from staging the Olympics, which he called "satanic games held on the bones of our ancestors.
December 22, 2013 | By Mohamed Juma
BENGHAZI, Libya -- A suicide car bombing at a security checkpoint in eastern Libya on Sunday killed at least 13 people, the government said -- a gruesome attack that left body parts strewn across a roadway. Officials declared three days of mourning. The powerful explosion took place in Bersis, about 30 miles from the increasingly restive city of Benghazi. An American schoolteacher was killed in the city earlier this month, and it was the scene of the September 2012 attack on the American consulate that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens.
December 18, 2013 | By Zulfiqar Ali and Hashmat Baktash
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Five security personnel were killed and 34 wounded Wednesday evening when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden mini-truck into a mosque near a checkpoint in Pakistan's North Waziristan Agency, officials said. Army and Frontier Corps troops were praying at the roadside mosque when the explosion took place, said an official who asked not to be identified for security reasons. Five bodies were retrieved from the debris and 34 wounded soldiers were rescued.
November 16, 2013 | By David Zucchino and Hashmat Baktash, This post has been updated. See below
KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide bomber detonated a Toyota sedan Saturday next to an Afghan army vehicle protecting the site of an upcoming national assembly expected to consider a security pact with the United States. At least six people were killed and 22 wounded. The explosion tore into the armored military vehicle on a street outside a university campus, where a five-day gathering of prominent Afghans, known as a loya jirga, is to open Thursday. The assailant was killed in addition to six Afghan civilians and security force members, said Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Interior.
October 3, 2013 | By Richard A. Serrano
WASHINGTON -- A Tunisian has been extradited to Washington to face federal criminal charges of working with the late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to set off a suicide bomb at a U.S. military installation in Europe in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, federal law enforcement officials announced Thursday. Nizar Trabelsi, a former professional football player in Germany, was arrested in Belgium two days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and had been held there the last 12 years on a terrorism-related conviction.
September 22, 2013 | By Zulfiqar Ali and Mark Magnier, This post has been updated. See the note below for details.
PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Two explosions outside a crowded church in northwest Pakistan just as Sunday services ended killed at least 60 people and wounded more than 100, authorities said, one of Pakistan's worst attacks against Christians in years. While officials placed the death toll at more than 60, humanitarian organizations reported handling at least 75 corpses. [Updated, 7:35 a.m. PDT Sept. 22: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Home Secretary Akhtar Ali Shah now said in his latest statement that the official death toll had reached 75. ]
June 27, 2013 | By Kenneth Turan, Film Critic
"The Attack" rewards your patience. Though it's never less than involving, it grows in stature as it unfolds and ends as a more subtle and disturbing film about love, loss and tragedy than we might initially expect. Co-written and directed by Lebanese filmmaker Ziad Doueiri ("West Beirut") and set in Israel and the Palestinian territories, "The Attack's" seemingly straightforward title can be read two different yet complementary ways. The most obvious approach concerns a physical attack, the suicide bombing in a Tel Aviv restaurant that kills 19 and causes painful chaos for everyone in this film.
June 18, 2013 | By Nasir Khan, This post has been updated. See the note below for details.
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A suicide bomb blast at a funeral in northwest Pakistan killed at least 20 people Tuesday, including a newly elected provincial lawmaker, authorities said. [Updated, 7:56 a.m. PDT June 18: Authorities later revised the casualty toll upward, saying 27 people died and 57 others were injured. ] Police said they were looking into whether the target may have been Imran Mohmand, the independent candidate in the May 11 parliament and provincial assembly elections who was killed in the blast.
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