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August 16, 1986 | From a Times Staff Writer
A hastily drafted bill to remove about 225 acres of land east of Marina del Rey from the state coastal zone and thus circumvent an environmental lawsuit was rejected Friday by the Senate Natural Resources Committee. The legislation was sought by retiring Controller Kenneth Cory in an attempt to speed up the sale of 75 acres that the state received in trust from the estate of Howard Hughes as payment of the late billionaire's inheritance taxes.
January 22, 1987
The county Board of Supervisors has directed the Public Works Department to establish an assessment district to finance construction of a four-lane bypass to relieve traffic congestion in Marina del Rey. Under a plan approved by the board, the county would pay 33% of the cost, Marina del Rey Lessees, a group of developers, would pay 61% and Summa Corp., which plans to build the massive Playa Vista project, would pay 5%. The cost was not immediately available.
October 27, 1985
Tooley & Co. Investment Builders has formed Tooley West Inc. to take responsibility for the development of the new Howard Hughes Center on the Westside and has appointed William T. McGregor, general manager of the center, president of the new entity.
May 25, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Frank William Gay, a senior corporate officer for Howard Hughes and a recent target of a renewed claim on the billionaire's fortune, died Monday in a hospital in Kingwood, Texas, according to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase, Md. He was 86. The medical institute confirmed Gay's death in a brief announcement on its website but did not specify a cause. He was a trustee from 1984 to 2006. Gay, who lived in the Houston suburb of Humble, ran Hughes' holding company, Summa Corp.
April 5, 2012 | By Roger Vincent and Martha Groves
Playa Vista was the last major coastal community in Los Angeles to be built, but a crucial retail development to give it its own downtown was stalled by legal challenges. That's about to change. With court victories in hand, developers have unveiled the design of a long-anticipated shopping and apartment complex they will begin building in June as the key element of the second and final phase of Playa Vista. The $260-million project, called Runway at Playa Vista, is intended to be the commercial and social heart of the planned community that has been under construction for more than a decade on land once controlled by aviation mogul Howard Hughes south of Marina del Rey. Playa Vista already has more than 3,200 residences and 2 million square feet of offices but lacks a commercial and social town center, said Patti Sinclair, co-president of Playa Capital, the master developer of Playa Vista.
May 17, 1988
Syncor, a Chatsworth chain of 80 nuclear pharmacies, said it has settled for an undisclosed amount an antitrust lawsuit brought against it by Summa Medical Corp. of Albuquerque, N.M. In the lawsuit, filed in February, 1987, Summa claimed Syncor tried to stop it from gaining a stronger position in the nuclear-drug distribution business and tried to discourage manufacturers from doing business with Summa.
December 9, 1990
Milton Bassett's comments on the settlement between Friends of Ballona Wetlands and Maguire Thomas Partners, developer of Playa Vista (Times, Nov. 11), indicate that he doesn't understand the terms of our agreement. I hope I can shed some light on just what the Friends agreed to support and why. Unfortunately, certain trigger words used by Bassett only serve to arouse emotions, while obscuring facts. When he labels the wetlands restoration a "pet project" of the Friends, he denigrates one of the most important ecological assets in Southern California.
September 22, 1985 | DAVID FERRELL, Times Staff Writer
Citing concerns over traffic and building heights, homeowners groups have asked for major changes in plans for Playa Vista, a Summa Corp. development that would bring 18,000 new residents, 3 million square feet of office space and 2,400 hotel rooms to about 900 acres of vacant land near Marina del Rey.
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