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May 15, 2013 | By Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times
It's a quintessential only-in-L.A. story, one that combines sex, drugs, rock and roll, glamour, money, celebrity, hang gliding, health food and a homegrown spirituality. The new documentary "The Source Family" looks at the group of the same name, who for a brief moment in the early 1970s seemed to achieve their ideal of radical utopian experimental living. The Source Family was led by Jim Baker, a successful Los Angeles restaurateur who came to be known as Father Yod. A judo expert, World War II hero and alleged bank robber (who was said to have twice killed men with his bare hands)
May 13, 2013 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Barbara Walters made it official on "The View" on Monday morning: after the summer of 2014, she won't be appearing on TV anymore. During lengthy remarks at the top of Monday's program, Walters addressed the issue, which has been following her for months. Yes, she is retiring next year. But she was quick to clarify: "I'm not walking into the sunset. " She will continue to serve as co-executive producer of "The View," the program she helped launch, and she will return for special occasions.
May 11, 2013 | By Jonathan Gold, Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic
Angelini Osteria is almost everyone's favorite Italian restaurant in midtown: an informal room with well-designed trattoria cooking, a place to settle into for a plate of bombolotti or a Sunday saltimbocca, where whatever diet you happen to be on at the time will be accommodated without a fuss. Some nights, it feels as if everybody in the room knows one another, but you're in on the party too. You drink well, you eat well and you go home. A lot of chefs have come out of that kitchen, including Ori Menashe of Bestia.
April 26, 2013 | By Steven Zeitchik
It's rare for a talky, character-driven drama to be given one sequel, let alone two. Yet with "Before Midnight" - Richard Linklater's reprisal of characters he first made famous 18 years ago in "Before Sunrise" - the director has done just that. The film, which opens May 24, returns us to the lovelorn Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy). This time, the pair - he darkly comic, she earnest and idealistic - aren't meeting by chance but are vacationing on a Greek island, having gotten together nearly a decade ago. Now in their 40s and a little wiser for it, they're living together in Paris and raising twin daughters - a turn that resolves the question about their collective fate posed at the end of the second film, "Before Sunset," all the way back in 2004.
April 26, 2013 | Michael Hiltzik
The time has come to put the Medical Board of California out of its misery. The board oversees the licensing of doctors and their discipline for misdeeds or incompetence. It also has jurisdiction over doctor-owned surgical clinics. Long ago the board acquired the reputation of being one of the least effective regulatory bodies in Sacramento. But evidence has mounted that it's worse: It's a danger to the community. Because of its ineffectiveness in a variety of spheres, patients have died.
April 18, 2013 | By Christy Hobart
Kathleen Brenzel, editor of Sunset's latest book, “The 20-Minute Gardener,” understands the time-strapped reader's dilemma. “You just want [your garden] to look its best, with a minimum of work on your part,” she writes in her introduction. She understands you're busy “juggling career, family and community obligations.” And so she promises a solution: “We show you how to keep your garden looking good in as little as 20 minutes a day.” Chockablock with ideas and projects, decorative tips and well-styled photographs, many culled from the pages of Sunset magazine, the book ($24.95)
April 8, 2013 | By Lauren Beale
Singer Katy Perry has listed her Sunset Strip-area compound for sale at $6.925 million. The gated Mediterranean-style house, built in 1925, sits on nearly three acres with two guesthouses and a swimming pool. The house, which the singer never occupied, features a baronial stone foyer with sweeping staircase, stained-glass windows and a carved fireplace mantel in the living room, a pub, a study and a media room. Including a four-room master suite, two guest suites and staff quarters, the house has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
April 7, 2013 | By Bob Pool, Los Angeles Times
The gaudy yellow-and-red signs have been painted over and the huge album cover posters that once covered the windows are long gone. There's little left at the Sunset Boulevard street corner that speaks to the crowds that gathered here for free concerts by Elton John and Duran Duran or the faithful who sifted through the racks of vinyl or eight-track tapes inside. Still, the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission would like to set the record straight and acknowledge the significance of the Sunset Strip's legendary Tower Records building.
April 1, 2013 | By Lindsay Barnett
Damian Gadal got this shot of a human-and-dog jogging duo at Santa Barbara's Butterfly Beach, a popular spot for dog owners and their pets. He used a Sony Alpha NEX-7. "Depending on the tide, this is a great beach to photograph sunsets, provided it's low tide," Gadal says. "At high tide the beach more or less disappears. " Each week, we're featuring photos of Southern California submitted by readers. Share your photos on our  Flickr page  or  reader submission gallery .  Follow us on Twitter  or visit  for more on this photo series.
March 4, 2013 | By Betty Hallock
Chinese on Sunset: A Chinese restaurant for the Sunset Boulevard set is expected to open this spring from Innovative Dining Group , the name behind Sushi Roku, BOA and Katana. Chi-Lin will open in April next to IDG's latest, RivaBella (a collaboration with Gino Angelini that debuted in January). IDG says it has partnered with Cecile Tang of Joss, and Studio Collective is designing the space. How to get into Koreatown speakeasy Lock & Key New drinks at Freddy's: Pico Boulevard gastropub Freddy Smalls in West L.A. has a new bar director, Johan Stein, who formerly worked at Red Medicine and Sotto.
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