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December 23, 2013 | By August Brown
The hotel room was destroyed. A television lay shattered on the ground, surrounded by a shredded pile of photographs and Bible pages, soda cans and broken furniture. On the mangled hotel bed, the sheets were coiled up in a corner, still holding the form of the human responsible for this mess. Just down the hall, Billy Idol and guys from the Sex Pistols, Blondie and Adam & the Ants banged out loud and sloppy Stooges covers late into the night. It's a scene Sid Vicious might have loved if he'd lived to attend the Los Angeles art opening.
June 14, 2013 | By Nardine Saad
As Henry Cavill steals the hearts of many moviegoers with this weekend's "Man of Steel," it should be noted that the British actor playing Superman is currently in a relationship with one Gina Carano. Here are few things to know about the actor and his lady love. 1. She's a retired mixed-martial arts fighter and was one of the sport's leading athletes. She favors the Muay Thai style of fighting. 2. Carano used to play stunt pro "Crush" on the "American Gladiators" reboot in 2008.
November 29, 2012 | By Patrick Kevin Day
During a recent interview with England's Daily Mail newspaper, Steven Spielberg revealed his one-time desire to direct a James Bond movie. "I went to [Bond producer] Cubby Broccoli and asked if I could do one and he said: 'No,'" Spielberg told the paper . "I've never asked again. " It worked out OK for Spielberg; he went on to direct the first film in his own globe-trotting franchise, "Raiders of the Lost Ark. " But what if Spielberg had directed a Bond film? What would that have looked like?
September 21, 1997
When I saw John Johnson's letter (Sept. 7) knocking the selection of Nicolas Cage in the role of Superman, I felt his opinion was way out of line. Although he denied it, I believe he thinks Christopher Reeve's portrayal is cast in stone as the only interpretation for that character. I think Cage will give a fresh point of view to Superman. Johnson only notices the oddball characters Cage has portrayed. What he needs is a trip to his video store, so he can see Cage giving sensitive portrayals in "Moonstruck" and "It Could Happen to You."
July 4, 2012 | By Rene Lynch
Can someone please get Graham Elliot another cooking show? We were treated to just a taste of what Elliot can do on "MasterChef" when he was transformed, a la Superman, into one of the competitors facing the mystery box challenge. (That is, if Superman wore chunky white glasses instead of those nerdy black frames, and were a little more, um, barrel chested.) Only problem? That "taste" was more of an amuse bouche -- how about a multi-course dinner? Seriously: More cooking instruction by the judges, please!
--Don't mess with the new Clark Kent. One of America's best-known wimps has taken a cue from "Dirty Harry" and no longer will tolerate being embarrassed in front of Lois Lane, or anyone else. "Clark Kent is going to be more aggressive--not so squeaky clean," said John Byrne, a Fairfield, Conn., cartoonist working to modernize Superman comics. Also, Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor, will be a wealthy businessman instead of a mad scientist.
July 8, 2006
Re "Losing our 'American' way," Opinion, July 6 Now Jonah Goldberg is questioning the patriotism of Superman, and why? He dropped "the American way" phrase from his rallying cry for the horrific "all that is good." Clap him in Kryptonite irons and send him to Guantanamo! Traitor! Insurgent! Once upon a time, the American way was synonymous with "all that is good." Nowadays, lying to start a war and bombing innocent people into the Stone Age, curbing the rights of American citizens through scare tactics, denying lower-income people a minimum-wage raise -- all while questioning the patriotism of those who dissent with administration policies -- has become the American way. I'm sure that if Goldberg worked as hard to restore the American way as he does to fabricate arguments to validate the conservative point of view, Superman would be more than willing to meet him halfway.
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