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January 9, 1994
The article "Study Says Blacks, Women May Be Concealing Suicide" (Dec. 28) did not come as a surprise. As a highly educated 62-year-old woman, I have been virtually unemployed for more than 20 years. I raised children and then, I thought, it would be my turn to get an education and make money and feel worthwhile. Nobody ever took me seriously. No one would suspect that this seemingly jolly and perky gray-haired clown contemplates suicide every now and again. I am a hospital volunteer and I work long hours at a hospice.
May 29, 2002
Excerpts from the Aug. 20, 2000, conversation between Abdulsalam Ali Ali Abdulrahman, a suspected Yemeni terrorist, and Abdelkader Mahmoud Es Sayed, an Egyptian accused of being Al Qaeda's top operative in Italy. Abdulrahman: I'm studying airplanes. I hope, God willing, to bring you a window or a piece of a plane the next time we see each other. (Laughter) * Es Sayed: What, a jihad action? Abdulrahman: Remember this: In the future, listen to the news and remember the words ''Above the head.'
September 10, 2010 | Eric Sondheimer
There were people who laughed at the audacity of a local newspaper to predict Ventura St. Bonaventure to finish fifth place in the Marmonte League this season. It was understandable considering the Seraphs had a bunch of "no-name" players missing from the big-time lists of future college prospects. But those who watched St. Bonaventure in summer passing competitions saw potential, and on Friday night, the Seraphs unleashed a powerful defense that left a highly regarded Long Beach Poly passing attack in tatters while inflicting a 32-7 defeat at Long Beach Veterans Stadium.
July 1, 1995
So what did you expect? It's just the Clippers being the Clippers. CHUCK HILL Van Nuys
January 11, 1990 | Clipboard researched by Janice L. Jones / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Russ Arasmith and Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times
Burglary % of Estimated % of Arrests Arrests Population GENDER Male 4,553 82 49 Female 973 18 51 AGE 17 and younger 1,692 30 24 18-24 years 1,917 35 12 25 and older 1,917 35 64 RACE White 2,932 53 74 Latino 1,795 33 19 Black 409 7 1 Other 390 7 6 Source: California Attorney General's Office, Bureau of Criminal Statistics and Special Services
January 27, 1985
Senior center David Cooke scored a game-high 29 points and had nine rebounds to lead St. Mary's to a 76-71 victory over Pepperdine in West Coast Athletic Confernce action Saturday night. The loss snapped Pepperdine's eight-game winning streak and dropped the Waves to 14-7 overall and into a first-place tie with Gonzaga in the WCAC at 3-1. St. Mary's improved to 10-8 overall.
He makes his trademark entry through the roofs of hamburger restaurants and other businesses, hacking out a hole with saws and drills--even an ax--and dropping in to surprise employees. Despite an occasional pistol-whipping or shots fired into the air, victims say the notorious rooftop robber remains a cordial character who suggests they don their jackets before he locks them up shivering in the walk-in freezer. He later calls the cops to open the cooler.
Four Orange County men were shot and wounded early Sunday and three others escaped injury when their group was surprised by a gunman while fishing from a jetty, police said. The shooting occurred about 3 a.m. while the seven were winding down from a night at the jetty at the end of 72nd Place and Ocean Boulevard, a popular area for casual late-night fishing, Long Beach Police Lt. Philip King said.
August 20, 2009 | Wire Reports
Brett Favre's former boss isn't surprised the iconic quarterback is back in the NFL. Eric Mangini , who coached Favre last season with the New York Jets before being fired and taking the same job in Cleveland, said Wednesday that he wasn't too surprised that Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings after twice retiring. "I didn't really analyze it that much," Mangini said. "I kind of worked on the quarterbacks I have here." Mangini considers himself a Favre fan. "Brett's a Hall of Fame player, a great guy, a fierce competitor and, like I told him a long time ago, whatever decision he makes he'll make right," Mangini said.
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