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Susan Dey

November 21, 1995 | LYNN HEFFLEY
The grimy derelict who shows up on a well-to-do doctor's doorstep is no stranger; he's the doctor's estranged older brother, bringing a lifetime of painful memories. So begins "Blue River," a fitfully interesting movie on Fox tonight. Based on Ethan Canin's novel, most of the film is a journey into the past, exploring the escalating events that culminated in a series of arson fires and the suicide of a disturbed teen-ager, driving the two brothers apart.
December 16, 1989 | LYNNE HEFFLEY
Do we really care about our children? Tune in Sunday to KTLA's stunning dissection of the foster care crisis in Southern California before you answer. "What Are We Doing to Our Children?," hosted by Susan Dey ("L.A. Law") at 8 p.m. on Channel 5, offers a stunning indictment of a grossly unwieldy bureaucratic system that often victimizes victims, joining the abuse cycle. Viewers go with police officers in investigations of child abuse.
October 7, 1989 | LYNNE HEFFLEY
The executive producers of the TV movie "I Love You Perfect," airing Sunday at 9 p.m. on Channels 7, 3, 10 and 42, have been quoted as saying that it's "not just another 'cancer sto" It's meant to be the true story of great love in the face of great tragedy. What it is, from minute one, is a paperback romance with sappy music and commercials. Susan Dey (of NBC's "L.A. Law") and Anthony John Denison (CBS' "Wiseguy") are star-crossed lovers Christina Taylor and Alan Matthews.
September 22, 1987 | DON SHIRLEY
"Stupid, but interesting." So says the hateful Ramon, leader of a small band of rebels on a South Seas island, as he surveys the spunky nun who defies him. He might say the same for the movie of which he's a part--"Angel in Green" (tonight at 9 on CBS, Channels 2 and 8). The title refers to a Green Beret captain (Bruce Boxleitner), whose men try to teach the islanders how to fight Ramon. Boxleitner says things like "Yo" and "It's gotta be done."
March 2, 2000 | MICHELLE MALTAIS
Feeling a little testy? If you get a kick out of those magazine personality tests, check out Find out what kind of dog you really are, your IQ or whether you're ready to meet your maker. He said, he said: Wondering what Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes have to say about race relations? Or what Gore, McCain, Bradley and Bush have done about the environment? Have ElectionSearch2000 (http://www dig it up for you.
February 6, 2014 | By David Colker
Clint Eastwood had a "make my day" attitude about Hollywood agents, including his own representative, Leonard Hirshan. "If he didn't return a call, he would have been history!" the screen tough guy said this week. But then Eastwood laughed and said, sadly, "I'm just joking. Lenny always returned a call. " Hirshan was Eastwood's agent for more than 50 years, perhaps a record in Hollywood for a major star. It started when Hirshan was already an established agent with the all-powerful William Morris Agency, where over the years he represented stars such as Jack Lemmon, Angela Lansbury, Walter Matthau and Sophia Loren, and also negotiated film deals for the likes of Elvis Presley.
February 22, 2014 | By Susan King
Harry Hamlin wasn't supposed to touch the food on the table during the conference scenes on "L.A. Law," NBC's Emmy Award-winning 1986-94 legal series. The sandwiches were strictly props. But Hamlin, who played attorney Michael Kuzak, the serious-minded youngest partner in the City of Angels' firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak, had other ideas. "If you go back and watch the pilot as the very first conference room scene ends, I reach over and pull a sandwich toward me," recalls Hamlin, who plays an ad executive on AMC's "Mad Men. " The move was unexpected PHOTOS: Behind-the-scenes Classic Hollywood "I picked it up as they were shooting my last bit. I had my mouth full of food.
January 9, 1988
CBS, NBC and ABC each have shows in the running for a Golden Globe award as TV's best dramatic series. CBS' "Beauty and the Beast" and "Murder, She Wrote," NBC's "L.A. Law," "St. Elsewhere" and "A Year in the Life" and ABC's "thirtysomething" were listed as nominees for best TV series-drama in the TV nominations issued this week by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. The TV winners will be announced Jan. 23 along with winners in motion picture categories (previously reported).
September 25, 1993 | CHRIS WILLMAN
You may not quite grasp just how quickly ABC's topical TV movie "Whose Child Is This? The War for Baby Jessica" was turned around until the last scenes, one of which has a character ripping a page off the calendar to reveal the month of August. As in last month. As in perspective being a lost virtue in the age of docudrama-cum-Insta-Drama. So "Baby Jessica" (Sunday night at 9 on Channels 7, 3, 10 and 42) may win this month's Speed Racer award, but hold the Emmys.
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