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Susan Love

June 20, 1999
Eleanor Farrow, volunteer reading tutor: "Under a Wing" by Reeve Lindbergh (Simon and Schuster). "This is a compelling, readable adventure into the experiences of growing up in the unique family of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. It is delightfully frank, real and poignant." **** Sachi Oyama, librarian: "Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book" by Susan Love with Karen Lindsey (Random House). "With complete clarity, Dr.
February 2, 2012 | By Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times
As the backlash grew against the decision by Susan G. Komen for the Curefoundation to cease awarding grants to Planned Parenthood, Komen officials ended two days of silence on Thursday and tried to manage the uproar. In a conference call with the media, Komen founder and Chief Executive Nancy G. Brinker said the decision was due to policy changes intended to improve how grantees are selected. It had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood's position as an abortion provider, she said.
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