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May 8, 2003 | Chris Rubin, Special to The Times
Got a yen for sushi but not for the schlep to a sushi bar or the wait for a seat once you get there? Put away the car keys and take a stab at making sushi at home. Sure, there's more to it than throwing burgers on the grill or veggies into the steamer -- sushi is, after all, an ancient Japanese art imbued with ritual and mystery, and chefs can apprentice for years in Japan before mastering the intricacies of the form. But it can be done. So says Nikki Gilbert, a.k.a.
February 17, 1990
Invoking the "Don King Clause" was not the most embarrassing moment in the aftermath of the Tyson-Douglas fight. Seeing the Japanese judges' cards clearly was. I'll make a deal with the Japanese: I won't eat your sushi, you don't judge heavyweight championships. RICH BORDEN Moorpark
May 19, 2011
Aburiya Toranoko Rating: two stars Rating is based on food, service and ambience, with price taken into account in relation to quality. . . : Outstanding on every level. . : Excellent. . : Very good. : Good. No star: Poor to satisfactory. Location: 243 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, (213) 621-9500, Price: Vegetables, $2 to $10; seafood dishes, $6 to $16; meats and poultry, $8 to $10; sumiyaki , $3 to $8 per stick; oden, $3 to $12; rice and noodles, $4 to $12; sushi and sushi rolls, $4 to $28. Details: Open daily 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5 to 11 p.m. (until midnight Friday and Saturday)
June 12, 2008
My thanks to S. Irene Virbila for her upbeat look at Palate Food + Wine in Glendale ["Patina Protege Sets Out on His Own and Scores One for the Eastside," First Look, June 5]. People have told me she was constitutionally unable to give a good review to a place that did not feature hip sushi creations or cost more than $75 per diner. But miracles abound; it seems like she just did. Thanks. Lee Moldaver Santa Barbara
January 18, 2007
Wow! A group of ladies I network with read this story ... and were floored at this man's passive-aggressive behavior ["Sounds Fishy: She Eats (and Eats), Yet He Pays," Jan. 11]. We wondered why he was so spineless that he couldn't just say no to sushi, or why he didn't say, "Honestly, we just met. I don't mind getting something to eat, but would you mind splitting the bill? If I spent $120 on every first date I had, I wouldn't be able to pay my mortgage!" But to be so nasty and put this woman down and call her a "cold fish" really blew all of us away.
June 26, 2009 | Mark Sachs
Comedian Lewis Black has found religion, or at least found the urge to offer his take on it in a book, "Me of Little Faith" (new in paperback). "It's basically for people who are stumbling toward the light," Black explained. "And it's telling people who are very satisfied with the religion they have found that they don't have to tell me about it. They can show me just by being a good person. Telling me about it so they can feel better about themselves just irritates me."
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