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May 25, 2009 | August Brown
About a third of the way through Taylor Swift's Friday night set, the young country-pop singer transformed the stage at a sold-out Staples Center into a high school library. While projections of bookshelves lighted up the two-tiered set, Swift sat at a table with a scruffy, square-jawed dreamboat and, in an endearing monologue, lamented his dudely inability to see the obvious. "Every day, like clockwork, he would sit down and talk to me . . . about his girlfriend," Swift said, to peals of commiseration from the heavily teenage and female crowd.
April 16, 2013 | By Amina Khan
The most powerful stellar explosion since the big bang has been linked to a newly discovered class of ultra-long gamma ray burst, astronomers said Tuesday at the 2013 Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Symposium in Nashville, Tenn. "We really think we've found this new class of gamma-ray bursts and a natural explanation for creating them in a type of star collapse that we haven't previously talked about," said Andrew Levan, an astronomer at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, who led a study on the phenomena.
June 28, 2008 | Tony Perry
Eleven men pleaded guilty Friday to federal felony charges stemming from a large-scale marijuana farm uncovered in rural northern San Diego County. Defendants face a minimum of 10 years in prison when sentenced in September, prosecutors said. Pleading guilty were Thomas V. Swift, 48, of San Marcos; Kevin D. Kennedy, 48, of Vista; Robert Rocco, 48, of Vista; Steven Zufall, 22, of Oceanside; Rudy Tijerina, 23, of Vista; Lewis Jimenez, 26, of Vista; Jorge Morales, 23, of Ramona; Jose Manuel Rodriguez-Parra, 40, of Fallbrook; Randy Kennedy, 51, of Fallbrook; Glenn Swift, 24, of Valley Center; Gregory Swift, 22, of Valley Center.
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