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May 31, 1991 | GAILE ROBINSON
Comfort, they said, was their primary consideration when designing swimsuits. But 30-year-old Robin Piccone and 34-year-old Macarena Gutierrez appeared at I. Magnin, Beverly Hills, last week with strikingly different swimsuits. Piccone's look like abbreviated pieces of sportswear. The tank suits feature halter necklines with matching belts. The two-piece suits have waist-high trunks and belted waistlines.
May 2, 1990
Swimsuits are like ice cream this season. There are almost too many flavors from which to choose. The newest Hollywood glamour styles are inspired by the '40s. Athletic looks are based on surfers' wet suits or competitive swimmers' styles. And the most unusual are eclectic beach costumes mixing cyclist shorts or unitards with bikinis, exotic sarongs, ethnic jewelry, elaborate straw hats and high-top sneakers. The look is anything but store-bought.
December 4, 2011
Visitor tips for Pearl Harbor --Because of security, no purses, backpacks, diaper bags, camera bags or other such items are allowed at the visitor center or on the memorials. Bag storage is available for $3. --Carry bottled water. --Dress comfortably and appropriately (no swimsuits). Be prepared to do some walking. --The center is open 7 a.m.-5 p.m. every day but Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. --More info: (808) 422-3300,
March 16, 1990 | KATHRYN BOLD, Kathryn Bold is a regular contributor to Orange County Life.
Of all the glamorous, Hollywood-style swimsuits unveiled this spring, nothing takes the cake like Lynda Progosh's wedding suit. When Progosh introduced her spring collection of suits for Bodacious Bodies of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., she topped off her fashion show with a bride wearing a veil, train and a frothy white swimsuit that had 20 yards of narrow ribbon appliqued all over the front like swirls of frosting. "I thought, 'Why not be egotistical?
April 5, 1989 | MARY ANN GALANTE, Times Staff Writer
Catchit--once one of the hippest surf wear companies on the West Coast--has moved its surf trunks and body shorts to the San Fernando Valley. The move from Tustin to Van Nuys this week was part of a shake-up by Van Nuys Surf Co., which became Catchit's sole owner last month when it bought the 50% interest of founder and former President Ian Foreman. Now Van Nuys Surf Co. hopes to revive sales by selling Catchit's surf trunks and board shorts to more than just surfers.
February 23, 1989 | Scott Ostler
Greetings, fellow sex perverts. No, I'm not here to review the magazine article in which a certain female-type traveling companion exposes the dating habits of a famed New England baseball club and its star hitter, who has developed an innovative rule for safe sex: Always use a flash camera. That's not my field of expertise. All I want to do is register a beef against Sports Illustrated for tarnishing my good name, or at least my good face, and stealing my money.
Think of Elvis Presley's square-cut knit bathing suit in 1961's "Blue Hawaii" or Cary Grant's narrow, belted knit number in the 1955 film "It Takes a Thief" and you'll recognize the look of men's swimwear for summer 1992. Manufacturers are using these vintage designs as prototypes for a series of leaner, more versatile boxers. These shorts and other classic suits, including the belted bikini and the one-piece tank, are expected to be big fashion news on Southern California beaches this year.
June 25, 1999 | SANDY BANKS
Our first clue came at the soccer tournament, as we lounged around the hotel pool. All the girls in the over-12 division--those same kids who'd been barreling down the soccer field, sporting "Girls Kick Butt" T-shirts that morning--were now prancing poolside in swimsuits made of less fabric than a pair of shinguards. I couldn't help but stare at their tiny figures--hanging out of their tiny suits--and wonder what was going on . . . how could this be what the jocks were wearing?
November 16, 1989 | PAMELA MARIN, Pamela Marin is a regular contributor to Orange County Life.
Orange County firefighters did what they had to do on Friday at the Inn at the Park Hotel in Anaheim: They strutted in tuxes, stripped down to swimsuits and danced with dozens of women until 1 a.m. The beefcake display, which drew more than 900 guests at $20 each, was co-hosted by the Orange County Firemen's Assn. and the Orange County Burn Assn.
July 25, 2009 | Lisa Dillman
In the coming days here at the outdoor pool of the famed Foro Italico, when the World Swimming Championships are fully underway, there will be moments of absolute triumph as more records fall. By next year, though, these records may well carry asterisks. Blame it on the suits.
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