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Sydney Australia

February 13, 2008
I really enjoyed Linda Burum's article on Little Saigon's revitalized dining scene ["Saigon Savoir Faire," Feb. 6]. Although I'm a U.S. expat in Sydney, Australia, with no lack of great Vietnamese options, I'm excited to follow in Linda's footsteps when I return to L.A. Thanks again for a fantastic article. Ean Carr Sydney, Australia
April 8, 2012 | Jori Finkel
When National Endowment for the Arts chief Rocco Landesman flew to L.A. in February, he visited Watts House Project, the nonprofit group that artist Edgar Arceneaux founded to remodel homes on the block across from the Watts Towers. Landesman walked away impressed. "You see just how aesthetically these houses have been transformed to create a whole different mood in the neighborhood -- a mood of joy and hope in what had been a very run-down and challenged neighborhood," he wrote on an NEA blog.
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