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Sydney Australia

February 13, 2008
I really enjoyed Linda Burum's article on Little Saigon's revitalized dining scene ["Saigon Savoir Faire," Feb. 6]. Although I'm a U.S. expat in Sydney, Australia, with no lack of great Vietnamese options, I'm excited to follow in Linda's footsteps when I return to L.A. Thanks again for a fantastic article. Ean Carr Sydney, Australia
July 11, 2013 | By Mark Olsen
NEW YORK - Does Woody Allen have regrets? His new film, "Blue Jasmine," amplifies the air of concentrated self-examination that has long been a hallmark of his work. Though marked by buoyant moments of wry humor, the film is devastating in its intense survey of a life in the free fall of mental and emotional collapse. Cate Blanchett gives a tour-de-force performance as a wealthy New Yorker who discovers that her husband has built their fortune through fraud. After losing everything, she winds up with her decidedly more downscale sister in San Francisco, left to sift through the remains of her life.
September 2, 2001
Buying beer in Tokyo can give you sticker shock. The average cost of a six-pack in 12 selected cities: *--* City Price Athens $3.26 Hong Kong 6.69 London 8.51 Los Angeles 4.72 Mexico City 4.52 Nairobi, Kenya 4.01 New Delhi 4.09 Paris 3.75 Rio de Janeiro 2.35 Sydney, Australia 6.82 Tokyo 10.42 Toronto 5.54 *--* Source: Runzheimer International
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